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Time Saving Tips For Busy Professionals

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Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that if we had more hours in the day, we could conquer the world. Time is a commodity we can never get enough of, and if you’re a busy professional, I sincerely hope my time saving tips will be as beneficial to you as they are to my family.

Why? Over the years, there have been a few time management systems that have drastically impacted me for the better. Now I will admit some did come with a little learning curve, mostly due to adapting to a different way of doing things or learning a new app; however, they have all been beneficial.

Being a self-employed individual means you need to wear a lot of hats. Although I wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s a constant juggling act. One of the benefits of self-employment is the freedom to dictate how you spend your days. However, distractions can be many since you’re often handling more household responsibilities due to your flexibility.

My list below will include both business-related time saving tips to provide you with a better workflow process as well as some ideas to save time off your regular household routine.

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1. Time Saving Tips For Busy People - Keep A Weekly Schedule

Didn’t I just say my main reason for self-employment was the flexibility? Sure did; however, any busy person knows creating a good workflow means they are using their time efficiently.

So, at the end of every workweek, I create a to-do list for future tasks that should be completed for the following week. This system works for anyone, especially busy moms trying to care for everyone.

Having my projects preschedule allows me not to waste time in non-essential tasks. It also serves to prioritize items to further my business along instead of scrambling and wasting precious time.

At the end of each workday, I will write down top goals that should be completed the following day.  What was not completed goes to the top of the list for the next day. It’s a pretty simple, yet effective system.  

2. Time Saving Tips For Busy Professionals - Time Blocking

If you haven’t heard of time blocking, let me be the first to introduce you to this time saving trick. Most people allow interruptions such as emails or phone calls to become distractions during their working hours.

When applying the time blocking method, you limit yourself to blocks of time to focus solely on your project. For example, as a blogger, I may limit myself to research or write a future blog post for 60 minutes, during which time my emails and phone will be muted.

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3. Time Saving Tips For Busy Professionals - Learn To Delegate

Okay, this is not an easy one for me, as I will admit I’m a bit of a control freak! I’m sorry to my old colleges who were probably caught in the cross-fires when some of my responsibilities were dependent on others. But here’s the thing your business truly thrives when you let go of tasks that others can perform better, and if you haven’t heard the latest newsflash, you are the best at everything.

Busy professionals can not keep the juggling act up forever, so slowly outsourcing some responsibilities will not only free up your time; it will also provide a better experience for your clientele.

That being said, as an owner, the most important tasks should be performed by you. In my case, that means, as a blogger, I am the sole writer on my blog so that I can stand behind my brand. 

Busy professional need teamwork.

4. Time Saving Tips For Busy Professionals - Meal Planning

Believe it or not, meal planning was my inspiration for this post. You see, over the years, when I spent time meal planning, I saved money and became healthier due to better choices, BUT I was not saving time until now. Further, I felt the process was a chore!

In the past, I had used recipe websites to curate my meals and create a shopping list. The recipes needed to be adjusted by how many people I had to cook for, and it took work to get it right. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a picky girl who also gets frustrated pretty quickly. That’s not a good combination, ugh!

At one point, my hubby even signed us up for a meal delivery service, which meant we only needed to cook the ingredients. Although that worked well, we found the food to be a bit lacking in volume and too costly. It also solely provided “little” diners and still had me running to the grocery store anyway. No, thank you, we’ll pass.

Recently we discovered eMeals which can be used in two ways. The app allows you to choose your meals for the week and populates a shopping list. You also can add items to your shopping list, so if you out of dishwashing soap, just add that item to your grocery list. 

The recipes are saved within the app and can be referred to at any time when you are ready to cook. Your favorite recipes can be “saved” for future use, and you can choose from ideas such as clean eating, keto diet, quick meals, etc.

Here’s the best PART you CAN send your shopping list directly to the grocery store, which is then delivered to your door, Yep!!!!

Because it’s an app, it is very inexpensive, and grocery stores that use Instant Cart, Walmart, and others have partnered with them. Lastly, if you use Walmart*, you can pay $12.95 for a monthly subscription for unlimited free delivery for orders over $35. *If available in your area.

Just imagine knowing precisely what you are going to cook every night. No more brainstorming last-minute meals or needing to run to the local grocery store to purchase the one ingredient you’re in need of.

5. Time Saving Tips For Your Hair Care

Once upon a time, I had a great relationship with my hairdresser, but we broke up once I decided to move 1,500 miles away. Before our breakup, my hairdresser provided me with professional hair color and instructions on how to maintain my natural color. My only goal was to cover my grays in the most natural way as possible.

My new state of residence is sunny, Florida, which is not beneficial to my dark blonde locks. My poor hair is subject to humidity, intense sun, and chlorine poor water sometimes daily. Consequently, my hair began to suffer, and my color did not stay consistent. Hair color needs adjustment, and I am not a chemist.

To my female audience, this is a gamer changer!

Over three years ago, I landed on my solution, which is eSalon. A professional hairdresser prepares your custom blended hair color. When needed, you can upload new photos of your current color and request your shade to be lightened, darken, or adjusted as needed. Instructions are provided, and your box is sent with disposable gloves and everything needed to care for your hair color.

Below is a screenshot of my current profile. My account has several consultation notes between my colorist and me with photos for her to make the proper adjustments.

Time saving professional hair color at home.
Strawberry Blonde Balayage Your Ultimate Guide eSalon

I receive the same high-quality results as I used to in the salon in the comforts of my home. The result is crazy time savings, cost savings, and full control. 

6. Time Saving Tips For Your Skin Care

Since I was able to find a professional product for my hair, I began to wonder if I could replicate the process for my skincare.

Yep, I did thanks to a fellow blogger who recommends this service. When starting off with Curology, you initially are asked to fill out a questionnaire, upload photos, and your information is sent to a dermatologist who will review your needs to provide you with a prescription tailor for your skin.

Similar to eSalon before the shipment, I receive an email advising me of my next order. If needed, you can request a free consultation and the opportunity to submit current photos to adjust your next order. 

For example, I have requested retinol in my formula at times, and have asked for a more moisturizing prescription for my skin. Easy breezy!

Time saving skin routine

7. Time Saving Tips For Busy Professionals - Automate Home Staples

Most of my items are purchased during my weekly grocery list while meal planning with eMeals. However, due to my asthma and allergies, I do have a few dependable brands that have earned my trust over the years, which I still order from Grove Collaborative. If interested, you could read about that on my post, How To Clean Your House Like A Pro?

When signing up for their service years ago, they provided me as they do all new customers a complimentary consultation. They help you find brands that will work for you whether you plan to order from them every month or only once a year. The shipping is free, and they also price match.

To introduce their products to my readers, I’ve teamed up with them to extend one of their best bundles for free. To receive your FREE home kit, which is shown below, click on the photo below or click here.

8. Time Saving Tips For Busy Professionals - Automate Some House Responsibilities

Lastly, if you still feel you just can’t keep up with some household chores, don’t let your pride prevent you from hiring it out. During times of family chaos and busy schedules, we have hired out our lawn care and home cleaning, which provided us with a considerable measure of time savings.

Not to mention, it lowered our stress level drastically, knowing our home was being well taken care of and ready for our enjoyment.

cleaning guide

In Conclusion

Yes, we all indeed have the same 24-hours each day, and no one has the power to slow down time. However, implementing even a few of my suggestions will help you get the most value out of every minute of the day

If you’re interested in more lifestyle, home styling tips, and tricks, drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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