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How To Use Pinterest For Business

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Hey there, I’m Rebecca, and I love using Pinterest as my primary marketing strategy. By the time you finish reading this blog post, I promise you will have a clear understanding of how to use Pinterest for business effectively and why I have chosen Pinterest over other methods.

Like you, I have spent both time and energy, creating my business to watch it succeed. My goal was not to create a time-sucking hobby but rather an income source with lots of flexibility to cater to the growing needs of my family and personal goals. Just so we are clear my family is needy, and my goals are many.

My family, friends, and colleagues watched as I was able to drive tons of organic traffic to my blog within the first month. 

I literally had people texting and setting up meetings with me to find out how I was doing it.  How much money did I spend on marketing? ZERO and my Pinterest account was getting over 100K views within one month.

Have I peaked your interest?

Come on; once you create your blog or online store, your primary goal is to drive traffic to your website. Most people try the standard social media platforms then quickly realize it’s not a sustainable business model. You either need to spend tons of money on views or be a slave to its platform. 

Being a business owner means we juggle many responsibilities, such as writing content, responding to emails, and so on. That is why I researched all the marketing strategies to find the one that was most effective and then made a commitment to learned the ins and out of it.

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What Makes Pinterest Different for Traffic Than Other Platforms? 

Years ago, I had taken courses for both Facebook & Instagram and had some success with social media. However, I felt their users were more interested in posting their photos and gaining likes. The user’s intent was “wasting time or playing because of boredom” – it was not based on searching to gather information to a question they had.

In other words, they are on social media for entertainment. For those reasons, users are not likely to leave the platform. You also have to pay for more exposure.  Lastly, it is difficult and rare when your content goes viral.

Here’s a dirty little secret that most people are unaware of – Pinterest is not social media; it’s a visual search engine.

This bears repeating because it is vital to your success on its platform. I’ll repeat – Pinterest is a search engine. A search engine’s primary function is to serve the user information that directly relates to the keywords used in the search efforts.

Most people are familiar with Google, so let’s use its search engine as an example.
Using Pinterest for business

Google’s bots begin searching the internet for the answer and then serves the user with its findings.

However, Pinterest is also a visual platform meaning it has the additional benefit of using photos in search results. Therefore, Pinterest’s bots are capable of reading written words and identify photos. Think of Pinterest as a dumber Google with beautiful images. That’s right – it’s like getting two for the price of one.

Business owners can use both keywords and photos related to their subject to increase their chances of being found in search results.

I’m sure you will agree it’s much easier to convert a warm lead already searching for information, which is why it will always be my preferred marketing platform for traffic. 

Lastly, too many people treat Pinterest like a social media platform such as Facebook and Instagram. Which is why those who understand it’s search engine soar on its platform.

Pro Tip: When creating content, put yourself in the shoes of your user.

Example: What keywords would they type in the search results, what images would appeal to someone searching for that answer.

How To Use Pinterest Analytics and Data For Your Business

Businesses who succeed on social media platforms have built communities and engagement around their accounts. They play the “like” game and tag me if you can. Therefore, when you study their analytics, the data you receive has more to do with how much “they” were involved in creating the engagement.

Since Pinterest is more powerful for organic reach than other, more competitive platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you can expect more comprehensive data. Your analytics will reveal which pins have the most engagement, the age of your audience, and so much more.

How much more – you even can find out what your audience is currently trending on.

What?! I’ll break it down further for you – if you are a fashion blogger, you may learn your audience suddenly is interested in high heels. Now you can create content around that new interest, which keeps your audience engage.

Your ability to understand your analytics and data directly relates to how healthy and loyal your audience is. The end result determines your traffic and traffic = profits.

Similar to Google, Pinterest provides a code to embed into your website.  You will be able to track the results of traffic by both Google and Pinterest analytics. Why is this so important? Good business decisions do not come about by chance; they are based on facts.

How To Use Pinterest For Business: It's All About What You Put Into It

I’ve used Pinterest for years and have taken many courses to be successful at it. Everything matters, size of your pins, time of day, frequency, keywords, joining collaborations, etc. However, once you learn the ins and outs of its algorithm, you can create content accordingly. 

Because there are so many people who treat Pinterest like social media, it allows those who understand it to be favored by its search engine quickly. Your organic reach will sore, and so will your sales.

Of course, you could speed up that process by paying for ads; however, I would caution against this in the beginning. Pinterest scores you on everything. To be clear, it doesn’t like people who are out for themselves.

Further, you will not have the knowledge or data to perform successful marketing campaignes. Here’s proof – Pinterest allows businesses to inject codes into their blogs or eCommerce websites these codes track actions taken on your website such as email sign-ups, add to cart and checkout. This data is reported back to Pinterest to “fine-tune” how to best serve your content to its users.

In other words, your information needs time to gather the right data, get it? 

Example: Twenty users typed in “quick dinner ideas” in the search bar and 25% of them clicked on your image. Pinterest may choose to serve its audience your pin when users search “quick dinner ideas” because it was keyword accordingly, and the audience was receptive.

Search engines are sophisticated, so once you learn how to effectively use Pinterest for business it will continue to reward you.

Wait, did you say you don’t need to spend hours every day on Pinterest to be successful on it? That’s right. How much time do I physically spend on the Pinterest platform? About ten minutes a day per account. This does not take into account my content creation, scheduling of pins, or surfing Pinterest just for fun.

How Powerful Is It?

A Few Other Stats:

Are You Treating Your Blog As Business Or Hobby?

UGH… It’s about time we had the dreaded “money talk.” Talking about money can be difficult, but it’s necessary when running a business. We have all seen the blog post or click bates telling us that you can run a successful blog with little to no overhead. Really??? I DON’T THINK SO!!!

Notice the marketer said a successful blog, not a business. A business rewards its owner by its profits; therefore, I am a firm believer in paying for the proper education to excel in my business growth.

My goal as a business owner is to make a decent income, not grocery money. Further, the frustration and disappointment of trying to figure it out by yourself can cost you something you can not afford to lose which is your DRIVE to succeed.

As I mentioned earlier, I have taken many courses to learn how to use pinterest for business. My education has provided me with the skills necessary to be effective in my marketing. When I commute to work, I arrive with purpose and a plan. Okay, okay, you may not consider walking around your house a commute to work; but I do.

Here is my shameless plug. When it comes to understanding the Pinterest platform hands down, I recommend one teacher. Do I feel bad about promoting her course, not at all?

Since I’ve taken many courses, I have had the opportunity to compare teachers, strategies and their results. In other words, I have paid my dues. 

Two things are needed here – an excellent teacher and a student willing to learn. For me, the obvious answer was learning from a blogger that succeeded solely from using the Pinterest platform.

I don’t know about you, but I DO NOT want to learn from a jack of all trades and master of none.   With proper education, you will be able to witness exciting activity on your brand new account within 3-5 months. In other words, the search engine will start ranking you on top and keep you there if you are doing things correctly.

Here is an added benefit once you learn how to use Pinterest for business. The traffic you receive from its search engine will assist you in fixing all your business issues.

Traffic will help you determine what your audience is responding to or areas that need your attention. Instead of working hard, you can work smart to improve the progress of your business.

How To Use Pinterest To Schedule Your Business Content

To simplify my marketing, I use an approved partner of Pinterest called Tailwind This software allows me to schedule all my pins, collaborate with other creators in my niche to help grow my account, and so much more.

It has been a game-changer!

Some creators use other software not approved by Pinterest to schedule content, which puts their accounts at risk for practices not supported on its platform

Sorry but that is not a smart business practice or a responsible one. It’s foolish not to use an approved partner since they provide free education and their customer support is fantastic. You can even start an account for free HERE.

To provide you with the full benefits of using Tailwind, I would need to dedicate an entire post. In order to learn more, click the Tailwind banner and go right to the source.

If you choose to invest in education provided by, you can rest assured that she covers in detail the best practices of Tailwind.


Benefits of Tailwind
Ability to schedule content months in advance.
Pin popular content already performing well on the Pinterest platform to strengthen your account.
Have other business owners share your content with their audience.

If you are just starting out as a blogger you will benefit from reading my post, Blogging for Beginners The Only Guide You Will Need.

In Conclusion

As time continues, I love Pinterest for my blog and shop traffic more and more every day. Hopefully, I have provided you with some knowledge on how to use Pinterest for business.  Remember, people visit Pinterest to search for information. They are already interested in your blog topics or products, so it’s the right choice for marketing.

Instead of trying to figure out how to get blog traffic on my own, I learned from a successful professional that used its platform as well. is so transparent that she publicly post her earnings, and has been interviewed by Pinterest representatives. She is the real deal!

Save yourself some frustration and time. To learn more about my solution, click the image below, or submit your email to learn more hacks and tricks. As always, feel free to drop a comment or ask a question.

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