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Sentimental Gifts For Everyone On Your List

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We’ve all been on the other side of the gift-giving game, haven’t we? I mean really with so many meaningful and sentimental gifts, our hope is that maybe just this once somebody would get it right.

Okay, here goes…

After a  quick read of the card, a few seconds too long for the wrapping paper to get torn off, and the verdict is?  

Did they get it right? NOPE, not even close! You’ll be placing their gift in a safe place alongside other odd presents received over the years only to make an appearance on those extraordinary occasions when your relative stops by.

Let’s face it, despite someone’s best intentions; some people are just bad at purchasing presents. Why? Gifting is meant to be a selfless act, and sometimes people fail to leave their ego out of it. We can all remember at least one gift where the gifter utters the words, “ I’ve always wanted one of those and thought you would appreciate it” as the receiver is unraveling the wrapper to a butter warmer.

Meanwhile, the gift recipient is thinking….Gee, thanks for thinking of yourself while purchasing my gift. 

There is, however, a little secret formula to always win at the gift-giving game. If you follow these principles closely, you will be confident in your future gift decisions.

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It’s Always About The Recipient

It’s safe to say, for the most part, when purchasing gifts for children, people usually buy toys. Why – because that’s what children want.  As we get older, our “play or hobby time” gets replaced with responsibilities, but there are still activities that make us happy.  

Some of us are into decorating (hint, hint), cooking, gardening, or sports. Take a few moments to research the individual you are purchasing for instead of blindly giving them a present they may not care for. 

sentimental gift ideas

What Are Some Meaningful Gifts?

Sensitenimental gifts should never be confused with expensive. Its definition is having a serious, consequential, or useful quality or purpose. Two ways this can be achieved is by directing your gift towards a person’s hobby or secular career

Let me illustrate the third way…

Years ago, while traveling, I forgot to remove my mini swiss army knife from my purse, and the airport security placed it in an envelope so it could be mailed to my home. Needless to say, it was stolen. I had purchased it while traveling in Bermuda in a little shop I fell in love with, and it meant a lot to me. 

A few weeks later, I found a little gift box, and inside was an identical knife in my signature color – RED. I couldn’t believe my husband was able to find the replacement as I tried a few times with no success.

If you are aware of a sentimental item that an individual lost, replacing, it would be a fantastic gift idea. How would you inquire about a lost item? Simply complain about your recent misplacement of your keys, wallet, etc. and ask the individual what item they have lost, and are still haunted by. 

You’ll probably find the conversation goes pretty smoothly, and you’ll have a list of things to purchase.

Go The Extra Mile When Presenting Your Gift

Build a little anticipation by spending a little bit more time on the wrapping, making it extra special and including a thoughtful note. 

Here’s an example:

Dear Mommy,

I want to be the first to wish you a very happy anniversary. I’ve decided to give you my gift a bit early. Inside you’ll find a few flower seeds which I’m sure you’ll be happy to use in your garden. I’m excited to see what our yard will look like in just a few months from now since the flowers daddy and I chose have our favorite colors.

I love you! 

Surprise your recipient with gift

If you’re pressed for time but want to give a fantastic gift for a new homeowner or someone who loves food, consider using a basket for presentation. A few key things to keep in mind is to purchase items with complementary colors and different heights.

What Is The Best Gift You Have Ever Received?

Give Your Time

This may be one you didn’t see coming; however, I thought it needed to be included for many reasons. We’re all extremely busy and fail to realize that, at times, our family or friends would appreciate some quality time together. 

If you need some convincing that I’m on to something, just call one of your friends with screaming toddlers and offer to babysit for a night or two. I hate to say it, but “I told you so.”

Your time can be accompanied by a homecooked meal, a day at the beach or an amusement park. There are no rules here. 

Okay, I know the struggle is real, and if you’re still in need of more meaningful and sentimental gift ideas, here is one that is sure to be a winner, and it’s sure to hit them right in the gut!

Plus, it works if you’re pressed for time and need to get the right gift in a hurry. It checks the boxes in a few categories: it’s about the recipient, it’s meaningful, and it’s guaranteed to make someone smile. 

Can You Include A Sentimental or Custom Message On Your Gift?

My friends are Vegans, Mommies, and Grandmothers which, is why we laser etch all of our bamboo boards with messages that we feel would them smile. Currently, we have ten boards to choose from, and our working on expanding our collection.

When decorating Kitchens, we have always enjoyed layering cutting boards on the back of the stove.

Should You Consider Purchasing Gift Cards?

Although gift cards are always appreciated, they do NOT qualify as a sentimental gift for good reasons. First, they are viewed as an easy purchase. Second, according to Consumer Reports, more than 25 percent of gift cards NEVER get used.

Why? The survey stated that some people couldn’t find anything to purchase, lack time to go shopping or worse – they lost the card!

What Special Gift Would You Give A Friend?

Print A Precious Memory

Gift ideas for anyone

Photos have a way of connecting with people in a way nothing else can, which is why photos will always be on the top of my gift ideas list. 

Plus, their cost is minimal and can be even included as part of the wrapping. This is an unbelievable way to add an extra touch of thoughtfulness and build anticipation of what lies inside.

The truth is, we all have amazing moments we captured that are trapped in our phones. It’s a pretty simple process to turn those fantastic moments into a printed photograph.

Here is my rule of thumb on how to choose which photo to print. If you think it’s worth posting, it’s probably worth printing!

To learn, How To Make A Paper Bow Tie and Ribbons For Gifts, on our post includes a template and video.

How To Make A Paper Bow

In Conclusion

Getting the right gift is so much more than just the physical exchange of presents.  It’s a way to communicate and send a message to the receiver of your gift. With a little thought and some effort, you will choose a meaningful gift that will become a wish for someone’s happiness.

Get it wrong, and a poorly-chosen gift can be downright insulting, but don’t worry I have faith in you…You’ve got this! Of course, if you have any questions or want to ask a very opinionated girl a question…ask away!

Since I’m a photography snob, I decided to put together a few simple tricks and tips to help you capture better photos. If interested, over the next few days you’ll receive emails with easy techniques to create some Instagram worthy photos, or for your future gifts.

Lastly, for home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company. In the meantime head over to this post, How To Make A Paper Bow Tie and Ribbons For Gifts | Template Included, or maybe try to a DIY Marble Gift Mugs. 

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