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Home Styling Ideas For Spring

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After battling the winter gray skies, it’s natural to start craving for a little sunshine. Yep, winter blues are a real thing! The once beautiful icy color palette soon becomes dull, helping to bring out our moody side due to the notorious cabin fever. Home styling for spring is my way of fighting back and making that sunshine come a little earlier.

Okay, so maybe I’m a bit of a home enthusiast and will find any excuse to freshen up my décor. The thing is when I add a little greenery, move a few pieces of furniture around and splash a little color, my family immediately notices, and it seems to add a little happiness in the air.

Therefore, that’s all I need to keep me going, hence, adding to my home styling addiction. Freshening up your home for spring is the perfect time to join me and to become a home décor junkie too!

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Begin With A Good Spring Cleaning

I know, I know, I know…the word cleaning sounds like work, ugh! However, if you break down your task in fifteen minutes intervals, it will be manageable. For a full breakdown of how to accomplish this check out my post How To Organize Your Room FAST?

Since our goal is home styling for spring, as you declutter an area, consider storing away items, not in use that give off a winter vibe. Foldaway cozy winter throw blankets, flannel sheets, and put away winter scented candles.

Bring In The Spring

Spring is all about the bloom; it’s floral accents and light pastel colors. Does this mean you need to add floral patterns into your décor? Some would say yes, however, I’m not the girl that would ever advocate hanging a loud floral wallpaper on your walls.

There is a home and wall that can rock that style well, but it will not be a wall I own. I mean, where is the creativity in that?

However, we could find ways to incorporate floral in a more artistic approach and one that is not so permanent. Here’s some inspiration to get that inner artist inside of you out.

Home styling with flowers for spring

Since I live in sunny Florida, I have become obsessed with ornamental grasses so much so that their blooms have clogged my pool’s filter, ugh! Pampas grass is one of my favorites and can be purchased for spring decorating around the house. You can go for a modern, neutral color palette or go vibrant for that extra wow factor. The possibilities are endless.

The rich pigment of these simple grasses can change the entire feel of your space. By adding a few items of the same color in the room is all it takes to transition your décor into spring. Easy breezy!

Home styling with flowers for spring

Take Advantage Of Springtime Blooms

In our first property, I was able to use our exterior landscape indoors. What in the world? Our living room had two windows that provided views to our front landscape, so I planted hydrangeas. Throughout the year, I would clip our hydrangeas, which contain shades of blues and pinks into our home.

The previous owner of that same property lived in the home for over 50 years and lined the backyard with forsythia, tiger lilies, and lilacs. Depending on what was blooming, I would clip some florals for our home styling for spring or another season.

Go for Vacation Vibes

Okay, so if delicate florals aren’t your thing, consider going green instead. When traveling to a tropical vacation destination, most of us appreciate the lush green landscape. Why not use a few plants as focal points in your décor?

If you rather not care for plants, I get it; check out my post on Best Artificial Plants To Use in Decor. 

Or update your wall décor with a few inexpensive pieces of art. Here’s some inspiration from our collection.

Lastly, nothing says springtime like a fruit tree and some linen fabric. If you’re blessed with a sunny window, consider using a citrus tree indoors or grow a few herbs in your kitchen.

Update a few throw pillows with linen for a spring feel. You don’t need to purchase new pillows; you could simply purchase pillow covers instead for under ten dollars each

Freshen Up Your Table With A Springtime Centerpiece

Breathe new life into your dining room with updating your centerpiece. It’s a super-duper way to get your home ready for a springtime, which you can do within minutes.  Your dinner party guest will also enjoy this home styling piece for spring. Okay, so I’ve been crushing on Ashyln’s floral game for some time, so I’ll allow her to show us her skills.

Airy Sheer Curtains

You should think of your windows as you would your bedding. After a long winter, you usually remove the fleece blankets, flannel sheets and replace them with breathable fabrics. Cooler fabrics such as linens and organic kinds of cotton can give your curtains a much needed seasonal change.

Remember, springtime decorating is not only about color; it’s also about texture. So, put away those wool and velvet pillows and use lighter textiles, such as cotton fabrics.

What Are Some Spring Color Ideas?

Here are a few ideas for spring colors:

Pastels – light pink, lavender, pale yellow, etc.
Bright colors – orange, green, blue, etc.
Neutrals – black, white, gray, beige, etc.

In Conclusion

For spring, why not try a light and airy look with lots of bright colors? A white or pastel palette can give your home a fresh, cheerful feel for the new season. You can also add some pops of color with colorful accessories or artwork.

Another idea is to go for a more natural look with plenty of plants and flowers. This can add a touch of natural beauty to your home and also help to freshen the air. If you have enough space, you could even create a mini garden or herb garden on your windowsill.

Whatever style you choose, be sure to keep things clean and clutter-free for a cohesive look. 

After enjoying the white winter landscape, it’s time for a little home styling with color to uplift our spirits for spring. Adding some florals, greenery, and airy fabrics can do more than just improve the décor in our homes; they can lower our stress and improve our mental well-being.

For more home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

Happy spring styling!

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