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Crafts For Adults Worth Trying {DIY Marble Mugs }

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With everyone being stuck indoors, I have been researching some fun crafts for adults.

Here’s the thing I’m a minimalist, and “if” I’m going to make any crafts, it needs to be useable or giftable. Okay, so maybe I’m frugal too.

Further, if I choose to give my crafts away (hint, hint), I must be proud of what I create. In other words, I don’t want it to be a dust collector or just another item.


It should be FANTASTIC, fun, and super cute.

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What Are Some Good Crafts To Do At Home?

Since Marbling is trending in the crafting community at the moment, first up on the list is….drum roll, please….

DIY Marble Mugs or Any Ceramic Of Your Choice

Although this is a RIDICULOUSLY easy and fabulous project for kids, it also is adult-friendly.

What do I mean?

DIY Marbling can have a sophisticated look by merely using fewer colors for your designs. And as we all know, in the décor space – Less Is More. Therefore, I choose a simple black and white design for my Farmhouse style kitchen.

If you plan on gifting some of your marbling crafts, I would suggest that you used some of your loved ones’ favorite colors.

This DIY Marbling technique will work on any ceramic, glass, or painted surface. So as far as DIY home projects go, your imagination is the only limit.

Besides using Marbling on mugs, here is list of other projects you may want to tackle using this method.

Ideas For Marbling Nail Polish Projects
Ceramic Jewelry Holders
Flower Pots
Painted Wood

For this project, I choose to purchase a few mugs from the local dollar store. Since I wanted my design to be the focal point of the mug, I went for a mug with a clean and straightforward design.

Plus, the modern and classic shape would work in most people’s kitchens. Okay, so what supplies are needed to recreate this look?

Nail Polish + Water + Mod Podge

Supplies needed for DIY Marble mugs
DIY Marbling Mugs Supply List
White ceramic mugs or similar
Cheap Nail polish (I used Sinful Polish)
Toothpicks, or wood skewers
Lukewarm water
Disposable bucket or pan
Nail polish remover
Cotton balls
Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge (Regular Mod Podge will need to be hand washed)

If you’re wondering, What Is Mod Podge? Read our post to learn all about it.

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It will be helpful to save these instructions on your DIY Crafts Pinterest board for later use.  I’ve included a Pin below to help you out 😊

DIY Craft projects

Here’s a little disclaimer: I used Sinful Nail Polish as my research showed the cheaper nail polishes performed better over the more expensive brands; if you don’t already have some cheap nail polish in your stash, I would recommend buying some Sinful Polish. 

You could find it in your local Target or Walmart for under $2 bucks.

Some crafters have stated they had signs of clumping or peeling after dipping their ceramics while using other high-end nail polish brands.  

I suppose this is due to the extra ingredients in those polishes.

Follow these steps for your marble mug crafts

Dishwasher Mod Podge can be purchased at any craft store or ordered on Amazon here.

In between dipping mugs, use a wood stick to remove the dried nail polish for the surface of the water. If you pick up the dry polish, it will wrinkle upon application to the mug.

Crafts for adults
Process for DIY Marble Mugs
Helpful tips for your designs
My favorite DIY craft for adults to try

Things I Would Have Done Differently On With This Crafts for Adults Project?

Overall I believe these mugs came out pretty awesome, but I’ll let you be the judge of them 😊

In the future, here is what I would have done differently. Next time I will pick up mugs that are not so bulky or use a larger water bowl. It was a bit troublesome dipping the mugs.

When placing the mugs in the water, you should roll it in only one direction to avoid re-applying a second layer of nail polish.  The second layer of polish causes wrinkling.

However, these mistakes can be easily corrected with the nail polish remover, so it isn’t a big deal at all.

Lastly, keep in mind that you don’t want the design to be too close to the lip, AKA drinking area of the mugs. Although a few mugs had the design up to the rim, the opposite side was purposely left blank.

You can also review some more ideas here Sentimental Gifts For Everyone On Your List.

What Are Some Fun DIY Projects? Other Than DIY Marbling

For me, anything that involves home décor gets me excited! The next few crafts for adults will be quick and easy home décor projects that most beginner crafters can do in under an hour or less.

I’m including some photos to give you some inspiration. However, part of the fun of craft projects is the planning and figuring out what you want to create, so PLEASE try to enjoy this process.

Easy DIY Door Wreath

To improve this design, I would skip this spray paint and use a thick rope twine to wrap the wire. This would give it a more organic and natural vibe and give the wreath some substance. This way, it would make more of a visual impact for your curb appeal.

The above look works great for spring, and you could upgrade the wreath with autumn colors to give it a mini seasonal update.

Here’s the wreath updated for the winter season.

Easy DIY wreath for front door

Lastly, to make your wreath POP against your door color, try to include at least one contrasting color.

Easy DIY Wreath Supply List
Wire hangers
Gold Spray Paint
Gold Spray Paint
Greenery (I would purchase a few faux steams)
Twine, rope, or a hook for hanging

Super Easy Crafts For Adults Idea Number 3

Wooden Beads

Home deocr crafts for adults

Wooden beads can add some great styling details to more than just your coffee table, as shown here. They can be hung on your bookshelves, placed around large vases, and even used as tiebacks for your drapery.

One thing I enjoy to do in my downtime is some crafting projects for future hosting events. If you notice on my Pinterest profile, I love party tablescapes and decorating my dinner table for guests. You can create napkin rings for your formal dinner parties or, if you’re like me, spruce up your casual dining.

To follow my Pinterest profile here, click here.

Candle Making 101

Truth: I have made hundreds of candles 😊 In fact, I made sooo many candles that my allergies and asthma told me I had to stop. Okay, my allergist ordered me to stop.

It was a tragic day since my candles caught the interest of a major department store. Needless to say, I closed down my shop after crying for a week or two.

If you’re only making a few here and there, you’ll be fine. And I promise I’ll be filming a full video tutorial on candles shortly. I’ll be listing where I purchased my wholesale supplies, what’s the ideal temperature to achieve the best scent, etc.

Please drop your name and comment below if you’ll be interested in this tutorial so I can alert you once it’s release.  

By the way, I am forever disappointed in department store candles and refuse to pay $60 bucks at Anthropology since the candles I was able to produce were of that caliber.

I had to sign a legal document not to disclose the department store interested in my candles, but what I can say was they were planning on selling them for $80 bucks, wow! (No, it was not Anthropology.) Also, my husband laughed at the potential 10,000 order requirement per month. They didn’t realize I was a little shop making candles in the kitchen.

Candle making for crafts

Does Every Adult Women Need A Sewing Machine?


My mom worked as a seamstress for over 20 years, and we had several commercial sewing machines in our basement. You better believe my barbie doll had a killer wardrobe.           

Looking back, I WISHED I would have taken a greater interest in learning my mom’s profession. It wasn’t until I moved into my first apartment that I had realized all the crafts and DIY projects that involved fabric.

Sewing machine craft projects

It was at that point that I purchased my first $60 sewing machine on eBay, which was a total piece of junk, by the way!!!

However, I made my first pair of curtains and throw pillows from a pair of sheets, nonetheless.

My husband upgraded my sewing machine twice over the years, even gifting me one for our anniversary. Currently, my machine was stolen by my mother-in-law, but I’ll be hunting it down soon.

Sewing machine craft projects

In Conclusion

Why should kids have all the fun? Craft for Adults can be more than just satisfying; they can also provide relaxation.

One thing I have come to appreciate about men is they genuinely know how to enjoy their hobbies. As women (maybe it’s just me), we tend to get lost by our household chores and place our hobbies on the back burner.

I hope some of the crafts ideas above will help you enjoy turning your house into a home 😊

Lastly, for home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company. In the meantime you may enjoy learning a few trendy painting pumpkin ideas and tricks.

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Die-hard DIYer, home enthusiast and sometimes I cook :-)

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