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Ways of Propagating Monstera aka Swiss Cheese Plant

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My love of the famous Swiss Cheese Plant runs deep! That love became deeper once I learned ways of propagating monstera adansonii to my heart’s content.

You’re probably wondering if this plant produces something savory like cheese or how its name came about. Well, it was named after the features of its leaves due to having holes and splits, like delicious swiss cheese.

A few reasons why decorators enjoy using this plant to style spaces is for its beauty, large heart-like shape leaves, and topical appearance. I will add that these beauties are incredibly easy to care for once you understand a few basics.

Getting To Know The Monstera

Monstera originates from Central and South America. It has over 22 species. The name Monstera appeared in 1763, and the name started to become a street lingo. It was introduced in Europe and became accessible to the extent that Europeans seek more to discover new species.

Therefore, this plant does not only became popular during the COVID 19 pandemic, but it became a popular plant way back in the middle of the 19th century. Thanks to the plant enthusiasts at that time.

The Monstera is also commonly known by a few different names such as Swiss Cheese Plant, Swiss Cheese Vine, Five Hole Plant, and Adanson’s Monstera.

Variegata is another rare variegated species of Monster plant that is getting attention to the garden and indoor styling enthusiasts. It has unique and exciting colors. The large leaves have a unique green and marbling effect. The fun part is, these species do not have two leaves that are the same.

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Swiss cheese plant

How Do You Manage A Monstera Plant Indoors?

I discover three factors why Swiss Cheese plant propagation is trending:

  1. The Monstera plant is easy to grow. No brainer! It thrives anywhere
  2. The glossy leaves are a natural beauty statement that can fit any home style
  3. You can control their growth. You may wish to grow small or big indoor plants for wither small apartments of large space homes

Here are some points you need to ponder when growing a Monstera Deliciosa for indoors:

Things To Keep In Mind Before Propagating Monstera Indoors

It favors a warm and highly humid environment, which makes them ideal for indoors. Believe it or not, this plant is pretty hard to kill, and it only takes a little TLC to keep it feeling loved and happy.

If your outside temperature is conducive to growing the Adanson’s Monstera, please be advised that they can grow to up to 60 feet with proper care and support. Therefore, it is advisable not to grow them outdoors because you will inevitably face the difficulty of controlling their size.

For care and maintenance, place the Monstera in a well-lit space with plenty of space to grow. Water it weekly or when it looks dry, or else it will become so much. Damp the leaves with a clean cloth to remove the dust and unblock the pores.

Please don’t be afraid to touch the leaves of plants. If you consider their leaves similar to your skin, you will be more likely to realized that they, too, will appreciate a facial every now and then. Just so we’re clear by facial, I mean dusting off their leaves.

Potting of Monstera Deliciosa

Make sure the container has drainage hovels and use well-drained soil. This will avoid too much moisture at the bottom. Monstera plants are naturally climber with its aerial roots to cling to large trees easily. Provide the plant with a stake or a trellis.

Every two years or sooner, it can outgrow the pot that they are currently living in. A good practice to have when caring for your green friends is to transplant them into a new pot larger in diameter.

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How Do I Make My Monstera Grow Faster?

Tips To Encourage Faster Grow
Place their initial clipping near the mother plant
Prepare a large and spacious pot
Provide a stake to encourage this tropical vine perennial to climb
Set them up for success by giving them bright but indirect light
Keep them on a watering schedule
Consider ways to add humidity to their environment if needed

If you’re feeling like you are watching a boiling pot that never boils while watching the swiss cheese plant grow, here are few ideas to encourage your Adanson’s Monstera to grow at a faster pace.

When propagating Monstera, remember that placing the cuttings near the existing mother plant will be beneficial for several reasons. First, your new cuttings need to adjust to the new nutrients and DNA of the soil. Therefore, by placing it in within the same environment will lessen its initial shock.

Help Your Swiss Cheese Plant Out By Following These Tips

As mentioned earlier, the Monstera enjoys climbing; it is for that reason that it is also known as the swiss cheese vine. When you place a stake next to the new cuttings, it will help your Monstera grow fast.

They are vining plants, and when you provide them chances to climb, they will generate and form beautifully. As they rise, the more they capture light and make more leaves.

The more light they take, the faster they grow. The sun will help the leaves create energy and to grow. If you grow them indoors, you place the plant near a textured glass or sheer curtain to capture the light.

If you are planting Variegated Monstera, be cautious about the white portions because they quickly get burned. Do not place them in too much exposure in the rays of the sun.

Monstera love to drink a lot of water, but they don’t want to be watered too often. Monstera plants will prefer healthy growth when watering is done by schedule.

When you increase humidity by 65%, you will achieve optimal growth. It means that it will increase its speed of growth by 80% than usual. However, the higher the humidity, the higher is the likelihood for the root to rot.

Flower experts and interior design professionals are recommending to install a humidifier. The mist will help to maintain the right moisture, even the changing climate. If humidity dips, you will not worry because the humidifier will help out the Monstera Deliciosa. 

What Are The Best Means To Use The Monstera Plant To Style Your Home?

The large size and unique holes of Monstera Deliciosa is the flagship for this species to look cool inside your home. It can easily fit any home style design.

Ideas To Styling Your Swiss Cheese Plants

Give your Monstera a buddy plant or multiple plants. Play around with different heights such as vertical snake plants or the fiddle fig.

If you have a modern farmhouse home style, place your Monstera in a large basket to compliment the modern-rustic looking style. Avoid using patterns and keep your pots neutral in color.

For an industrial or masculine decor style, try incorporating steel or pots that are dark in color.

When propagating Monstera plants place them in budget-friendly terra cotta planters. These planters have an earthy vibe that works in almost any décor style.

If you have a window corner that looks dull, place a reading chair, and put in its side the Swiss Cheese Plant. Surely, as you read your favorite book with coffee, it feels refreshing that the vast and shiny leaves giving your fresh air to breath

You will love the cool bohemian space where you place the plant in a basket planter, pepper with vintage décor. Indeed, it creates warmth.

Propagating monstera plants for your home decor

If you have a window corner that looks dull, place a reading chair, and put in its side the Swiss Cheese Plant. Surely, as you read your favorite book with coffee, it feels refreshing that the vast and shiny leaves giving your fresh air to breath

You will love the cool bohemian space where you place the plant in a basket planter, pepper with vintage décor. Indeed, it creates warmth.

If your room is dessert-inspired, why not mix an idea of a jungle plant. Place the Monstera in a corner where a little bit of light will hit the leaves. Surely, you will love the coolness of the atmosphere.

When you have a corner that is too brighten the morning, try turning the corner into an urban jungle with the Monstera

Most homes have entry tables or as we like to think of it as an opportunity to showcase your swiss cheese plant. Space, where your entry tables are placed, is often dull. Place the Monstera at one side the table, and add a few style items on the other end of the table.

Do you have an old collection of things or distressed items as décor, place the Monstera at the side to attract attention.

When Propagating Monstera Consider Adding One Outdoors

Since you will likely be creating a bunch of babies of the Five Holes Plants, you may want to test the waters of growing them in the great outdoors.

To set them up for success, place them in the darkest and shadiest spot in your garden. Also, allow them to grow in a spacious spot where they will have plenty of room to grow.

Surprise, surprise….

If they are growing outdoors, expect that it can bloom some beautiful flowers. These flowers will also develop into edible fruit. In some countries, they use fruit when making salads.

Are Monstera Plants Toxic To Cats or Dogs?

Yes, Monstera plants are toxic to cats and dogs. They can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even seizures in animals. So if you have a pet, it’s best to keep any Monstera plants out of their reach.

One crucial matter we need to talk about is the toxicity of the Swiss Cheese Plant. It is necessary to know so that everyone should be cautious about placing these plants in the right place.

For the Monstera Deliciosa, the toxicity is mild to human; however, it can be highly dangerous to dogs and cats. In our case, we decided to purchase a faux Monstera as our puppy enjoyed biting and playing with the leaves of our plants. Truth be told, he is now several years old but still helping me prune dying leaves off my plants.

Here is a list of symptoms that can result from swallowing its leaves:

  • Oral irritation
  • Pain and swelling of the mouth
  • Swelling of lips and tongue
  • Drooling excessively
  • Vomiting
  • The difficulty of swallowing food or water

Remember when propagating Monstera to place the cuttings at a height or are that your pet is unable to access.

In Conclusion

The Monstera Plant, or commonly called as Swiss Cheese Plan, is one of the trending and popular plants that homes are propagating today. Not only do these five holes plants make great additions to your indoor; they also serve help our mental health. Yep, one of the trending mental health psychosocial support is to cope with stress by gardening and planting.

Lastly, adding plants is budget-friendly way to decorate your home. For more ways to style your home with plants checkout How To Style Plants | Plant Styling. For more home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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