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Easy Fall Decorating Ideas Anyone Can Do

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Since relocating to Florida from the northeast, Fall decorating ideas has become more of a priority for me.  Let’s be real here, Autumn was and always will be my favorite season. Its color palette is breathtaking, and the chilly air is downright refreshing.

I know, I know, poor me…living it up with Palm Trees and all. However, I would gladly trade you a few humid days to feel the crunching of leaves under my feet. You know there is something about drinking pumpkin spice lattes under my coconut trees while making a list for hurricane supplies that just really has changed what Autumn means to me.

Truth: It’s not the same anymore, but I’m a die-hard Autumn season girl with a relentless spirit to bring back that good ‘ole feeling.

Besides, I’m always up for a challenge. I must admit playing mind games has never been my thing, but what’s a girl to do when the summer weather is a year-round issue?

In a few months, I may have the occasional need to toss on a sweater, but till then, trickery will be my master.

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Decorating ideas for fall using leaves.

When Should You Start Decorating For Fall

Most people will use the changing weather as an indicator of when to begin decorating for any seasonal change. If you live in a state or a part of the world that does not have seasons, plan on updating your decor about four to six weeks before the season begins. For example, since Autumn begins late September, you can plan on updating as early as Mid to late August.

How Do You Decorate For Fall?

Here is where you and I take a different approach. You see, I need to create the illusion of brisk weather while you can enjoy the actual season. Good for you, bad for me.

My Fall decorating ideas start by finding INEXPENSIVE ways to incorporate the color scheme Autumn is best known for, which, as we all know, is shades of burnt oranges, reds, and brown. This adds a little seasonal charm since it represents the season. Plus, last I checked there was no law stating that over-the-top centerpieces needed to be reserved only for special occasions. 

One of my cheap decorating hacks is to always grace your dining room table with a wooden or large fruit bowl to use as your centerpiece. During your weekly food shopping trips, pick up fruits or vegetables that represent the current season.

Autumn Fruits and Vegetables To Display On Your Dining Room Table For Décor

Okay, your goal is not to pick up produce without intent; you’re a professional in training here, so plan accordingly. Once you arrive home, layer the fruits and veggies like a pro and place the extras in the refrigerator for later consumption. 

Decorating ideas for fall using veggies and fruits.
The local farms in the area sell boxes for $10. The box on the left is filled with squashes, peppers and something a few surprises.

Some of my favorites are pumpkins, squash, red apples, yellow squash, corn, carrots, and potatoes. Of course, depending on where you live, your choices may differ. For example, my list looks more like this: pumpkins, mangoes, avocados, peaches, and corn.

How about that? I’m helping you with decorating and getting you healthy at the same time!

Yep, you can get very creative here, and you may even change up your diet a bit. I enjoy juicing apple and ginger, which is why my basket will display different apples throughout the year. Gala and delicious red apples work for Autumn while granny smith apples look beautifully with lemons for spring decor!

Fall Decorating Ideas | Branches and Leaves Are Your Best Friends

Nature should always be your best friend when it comes to inspiration for two main reasons.

Bring Nature's Autumn Outside In

First, its color palettes will always be perfect. Second, mother nature doesn’t complete with your current décor choices. If you wanted another reason – it’s cheap!

Now there is no need to overthink this process as just a few branches or greenery from your yard can do wonders

If you noticed in my example, the vase used was not clear glass for a reason. The dark pewter color helps introduce a more moody vibe, and it hides the branches, which makes the arrangement look “cleaner and more polish.”

Also, to have your accent color make a statement, it shouldn’t be overly used. Therefore, I encourage you to display just greenery and branches here and there. 

Believe it or not, Florida does have pine trees, so I grab pine cones and acorns and sprinkle them around candles for my bathrooms countertops.

Don’t be afraid to display autumn leaves throughout your home. I used to pick autumn leaves during my morning run and display them on the refrigerator or press the in a glass frame to show them off.

Autumn color decorating ideas

There is nothing more beautiful than nature. Collect autumn leaves and turn them into beautiful pieces of art. Or simply photograph a beautiful autumn landscape. The photo below was taken by one of my best friends of our walking trails located behind her house.

Knowing autumn is my favorite season, her husband gifted me some of his photography of the park my friends and I would often escape to while displaying its full autumn colors.  

It’s incredible how photographs have a way of transporting you right back into time, and moments shared.

Create A Welcoming Autumn Entrance

Autumn has always been known for all things plaid. So why not sport the look immediately at your front door? This year I love the layered doormat look to welcome guests. Just make sure your bottom layer is larger than the top doormat.

decor for fall

Two of our last properties had fireplaces, which I sorely miss. As the temperature dropped, the homes on our street would start piling up their firewood. Depending on your space, use a large basket or storage device to hold some wood on your front porch or steps to add some extra charm.

For an inexpensive transformation to your foyer my suggestion would be to update your signage. Below is one of my designs that I created for Autumn. If your interested in something a bit more custom, such as displaying your family’s name or something along those lines, please reach out to me below. My designs can be printed on paper, canvas, and fabrics.

Once a upon a time I used to enjoy walking into homes and helping to transform peoples spaces. Don’t get me I wrong I love running my blog; however, I miss decorating even more. Blogging can be a lonely life.

There is something amazing about creating a custom “something” to brighten up someone’s day.

What’s on my agenda today…creating a throw blanket with a special message for someone who lost their dog earlier this week.

My reader reached out to me with a photo and asked if I could create something to help her friend heal.

Warm-Up Those Nooks and Crannies

As the chilly weather rolls in, we automatically look for anything we could use to wrap ourselves in a cocoon-like way.  Try to have a few throw blankets within arms reach, which will instantly add warmth to you and your spaces.

Next, add some textures by choosing different textiles for coordinating pillows. Use this opportunity to show off those vibrant colors and autumn weather fabrics. 

get cozy for fall with blankets
blankets for fall

While we’re on the subject of fabric, here are a few fall decorating ideas you may want to take advantage of since these updates give a significant wow factor. 

If you’re dining room chairs require some TLC, how about removing the padded seats and use a staple gun to recover them with a seasonal friendly fabric. Here’s a video to help you out!

Fall Decorating Ideas To Evoke All Your Senses

So far, we have included our sense of sight and touch by using the autumn color scheme around our homes. Hopefully you can also find a few fabrics that will also help introduced some texture as this adds some visual interest and sophistication.

Now let’s cover our sense of smell. Similar to a photograph, our sense of smell can bring to mind memories and emotions. For me, the easiest way to accomplish this is by lighting up a scented candleA few of my favorites for fall are apple cinnamon, amber and moss and anything woodsy.

Displaying Some Your Bake Goods

The weather has such an impact on our lives that even our cooking styles tend to change with the seasons. We go from grilling to using our stovetops, slow cookers, and finally ovens.

For us, it’s all about homemade pumpkin bread, scones, and a few other family recipes. You can display some of these goodies on your kitchen counters. Or, if you lack self-control like me, take them out only while hosting your friends.

You could print the Pumpkin Bread Recipe below from this blog post, My Starbucks Copycat Recipes That Saves Our Wallets

Pumpkin bread for fall

In Conclusion

As colder weather rolls in, so does our need to cozy up while we decorate for fall! Try incorporating a few these budget-friendly ideas to warm up your house while embracing the best the season has to offer. After all, decorating for autumn doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Let me know if you try the recipe – it’s a keeper! 

 For more home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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