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DIY Farmhouse Curtains {Drop Cloth Curtains}

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We have always felt that curtains are one of those decor details that help complete any room. DIY Farmhouse Curtains made with drop cloths are super affordable and look amazing when the fabric is conditioned.

Not only is this a no-sew DIY, but our step-by-step curtain guide will allow you to bring personality and versatility to your windows. Drop Cloth Curtains specifically are perfect if you want to achieve the Farmhouse look since they have a relaxed look. 

On the other hand, do not be afraid to try our DIY Curtain method on different decor styles. 

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How Do I Make Cheap Curtains?

You may be thinking to yourself that curtains are expensive, and if you’re like me, then you are a frugal girl at heart! So I have the perfect solution…make them! Cheap curtains can simply be made from Canvas drop cloth and bleach. 

Disclaimer: If you do not have a sewing machine or can not sew, this project will definitely be for you. With our simple DIY method, you can create various beautiful Curtains that will transform your home. 

Follow the easy steps below to create easy no-sew curtains for all of the windows. 

If you have any questions BEFORE you begin, please drop your questions below, and I would be more than happy to reply. 

Can You Make Curtains Without A Sewing Machine?

To answer your question simply, Yes, you can make curtains without sewing. This may not be a shocking surprise; however, it’s a question that often gets asked.

In our opinion, the reason why painter’s drop cloths work so well is that the canvas’s edges are either hemmed or will not fray. Hence, they will appear to have a “finish” edge.

I have seen some decorators choose to cut the edging off before washing to give a fringed appearance to the curtains, so that is another alternative to consider.

The method I will be showing you includes the use of Farmhouse rods and clips! Not only are you saving money, but you also don’t have to waste your time by watching a ton of YouTube videos on learning how to sew.

With a few easy steps and minimal supplies, you will be ready to showcase your new DIY curtains.

Tutorial For Making DIY Farmhouse Drop Cloth Curtains

Our tutorial for DIY Farmhouse Drop Cloth Curtains is simple and can be done by following the steps listed below. Make sure to pay attention to the directional details, and most importantly, have fun!

First off, not all drop cloths will work. After much research, I purchased these MELCA CANVAS drop cloths from Amazon for a few reasons.

DIY Farmhouse Curtains
  1. You must use a CANVAS drop cloth with no plastic liner.
  2. This company sells seamless painters drop cloths, which will make your project easy.
  3. In my home, I had multiple windows and needed to create curtains of different lengths. This brand currently sells different widths and lengths. This is VERY important since you want all your curtains to match. 

Step By Step Tutorial And Helpful Tips For Your DIY

If you have several windows, please be aware that this process takes time and should not be rushed. Rushing the processing could mean you will end up with the finished drop cloth fabric not being fully conditioned. In other words, the color will be blotchy, with some areas being lighter than others. The bleaching process not only removes the color it also softens the fabric; therefore, your farmhouse curtains will not be as flowy as they should. 

For example, I found that each painter’s drop cloth needs to be submerged in a bleach mixture by itself for the bleach to soften the fabric properly.

Lastly, if you try to reuse the same bleach water for your next set of panels, the bleach mixture will weaken, and it will take twice as long. 

Been there, tried it, and would not recommend it.


Find a large plastic container or bucket which you will use to soak your fabrics. If you have a top loader washing machine, this could be a good option; however, in my case, the water drained out after an hour.

Another method is to use your bathtub, but I would caution against this. The reason is the canvas needs to sit in the bleach water for about 8 hours, and since you will be using A LOT of bleach, it’s best to do this DIY project in a well-ventilated space.


Placed the drop cloths in a mixture of bleach and water for 8 hours in a five-pail bucket. The strength of your bleach mixture and the amount of fabric will determine your total time needed.

I found that purchasing concentrated bleach worked the fastest, and some of my panels needed only 4 hours of soaking time. 

How Did I Measure My Bleach For My DIY Farmhouse Curtains?

To make sure all my drop cloths were appropriately conditioned, add the same ratio of water and bleach to each panel.

1 Gallon Of Bleach Per Panel
Then add enough water so that the canvas is submerged underwater.

In the photo below, I added half a gallon of bleach to each water bath

Bleaching drop cloths for curtains


While wearing a pair of heavy rubber gloves, move around the drop clothes every few hours to ensure that the fabric conditions evenly.

You’ll be surprised that as you open the folded areas of the canvas, some of the canvas will appear untouched by the bleach water. That’s normal and just means more time is needed.  


DIY Farmhouse Drop Cloth Curtains

Once you are happy with your DIY drop cloth project’s color and softness, remove the canvas from the bleach water. My process for washing the bleach out of the painter’s drop cloths was washing them in the washing machine twice.

During the first wash, I added NO SOAP. My thought process was if I missed a few areas while checking to make sure the fabric was conditioned evenly, a wash without soap will help correct that. In the second wash, I added soap, and I NEVER ADDED FABRIC SOFTNER.

This is an important step since the Canvas will shrink.

Lastly, toss them in the dryer only ONCE and make sure every curtain panel receives the same amount of drying time. 


At this point, the fabric is conditioned, flowy, and soft. We are now ready to hang up our Farmhouse curtains! To hang up the curtains, I used black farmhouse rods and clips. Yes, I said it, I’m using clips, that means no sewing!

While styling our curtains, we decided to fold over the top because we felt it match our room decor better and gave the curtains a more grander feel.

How To Wash Drop Cloth Curtains?

To wash drop cloth curtains, first identify the type of fabric they are made from. If they are made from cotton or a natural fiber, then you can machine wash them on a cold water setting with a mild detergent. If they are made from a synthetic fabric, then you should hand wash them in cool water using a gentle detergent. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly and air dry them away from direct sunlight.

Take Aways

When decorating a home, we may focus on areas such as our walls, flooring, and furniture. But honestly, your windows treatment can often give back a better bang for your buck!

If you can not sew and do not have the time to learn, you are not alone. The hardest step in this home project may be choosing the perfect curtain rods for your room. If you love the farmhouse look, you may also enjoy Best Modern Farmhouse Decor On Amazon, or How To Make Farmhouse Decor Work.

Lastly, you could also use drop cloths to make shower curtains, bedspreads, and throw pillows. To customize follow my tutorial on stenciling on fabric here Learn Exactly How To Make A Custom Shower Curtain {Without Sewing}

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    Hi! I have a 9×12 ft drop cloth and concentrated bleach (just household type) and am wondering how much bleach and water to use to condition my drop cloth that I am going to be using for my patio door?

    1. Rebecca

      Hi Lisa, I use 1 gallon of bleach per panel and then add enough water so that the canvas is submerged underwater. I’ve used every type of bleach and can’t say I prefer one over the other. (I’ve made a lot of curtains, lol)

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    Re: Dropcloth curtains
    You say to use a water/bleach mixture but never give the ratio. 1/1? 2/1?
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      Hi Shelley, I use 1 gallon of bleach per panel and then add enough water so that the canvas is submerged underwater. After that, it’s a waiting game since even the weather can affect the speed of the processing time since I usually do it outside on in the hot Florida sun.

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