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What Healthy Non Perishable Food To Buy

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If we only had a crystal ball a few weeks ago, we would have all stocked up on some healthy non perishable foods, and our stress levels would be lower.

In the past, when living in Northern New Jersey, we were accustomed to stocking up before the next blizzard, and then hurricanes became a “thing” once we relocated to the SE United States.

Now when you toss in a global pandemic into the mix, things get pretty scary real quick! Emergencies often come with little or no warning, and they should be a lesson to each of us to be more diligent in preparing our families for the next disaster.

This is not a message of doom or gloom; however, we live in unstable times, so we’ll be better off if we prepare our pantries accordingly.

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What Is Consider A Healthy Non Perishable Food?

Non Perishable foods include any food that does not require refrigeration to prevent spoilage and has a long shelf life.

These lengthy expiration dates can be lifesavers only if we always learn to keep them in our stockpiles.

Something to keep in mind is that many of these foods are high in sodium and filled with many preservatives. Most people feel that this is not an issue since calories are the only thing they are considering when creating there emergency food banks.

However, when we are in emergencies, our bodies need healthy food. This is due to our bodies using up more energy to deal with stress. Stress lowers our immune systems, which is why we must stock up on higher-quality foods if possible.

Our best defense with the current virus pandemic is giving our bodies the nourishment it needs to be healthy as well as following proper social distancing.

I’m going to go on record as saying that having an emergency food pantry is more important than having a monetary emergency fund. Yes, both are essential; however, when you’re in survival mode, only food will keep you alive.

Also, after living through several hurricanes, I have learned that when the power shuts down, so do ATMs. Yeah, so if you can’t use the ATM, go fishing instead. 

When we start hitting the pantry and going through our stash, we’re in survival mode! The list below are items you should include in your stockpile that will assist your family to stay healthy.

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List Of Healthy Non Perishable Foods To Stock Up On

  • Nut Butters

    Peanut or any kind of nut butters are a great source of energy that is full of healthy fats and proteins. Unless the specific jar you purchased indicates otherwise, you do not have to refrigerate it after opening.

  • Whole Grain or Wheat Crackers

    Crackers can be used as a replacement for bread to make mini sandwiches. Due to the higher fiber content in whole-grain and whole-wheat crackers they do have a shorter lifespan than regular crackers. Stock up on both and plan on using the healthier choice first.

  • Grains

    Grains like barley, rice, and oats have a long shelf life compared to perishable carbs like bread, making them an excellent choice for long-term food storage.

  • Dry Whole-Grain Pasta and Sauces

    This is not the time to start counting those carbs and you’ll be grateful for the filling meal.

  • Canned Tuna, Chicken, Salmon Or Turkey

    In general, these items have a shelf-life of two years, and they are an excellent choice of protein. Vacuum-seal pouches will last you about six months and come in handy if you don’t have access to a can opener.

  • Canned Chili and Soups

    It’s a complete meal right out of the can. Try to stock up on lower sodium options as the these items should come with a warning label.

  • Almond & Powdered Milk

    Dairy products will be an impossible option, so have carton dairy alternatives, and powder milk should be your go-to.

  • Stock Up On Water and Gatorade

    The electrolytes in sport drinks will help you stay hydrated.

Several Methods To Improve Your Water During An Emergency

The World Health Organization recommends several ways to improve water quality at home, including boiling, filtration, chlorination,  and solar disinfection.

How To Store Non Perishable Foods To Prevent Insects

Unfortunately, any food that is stored at room temperature is an open party invitation to bugs. House critters are not picky – they’re hungry.

These little bugs must have some seriously sharp teeth because they can eat there way into sealed packages when they need to.

When you purchase new food items, transfer them into mason jars, or sturdy plastic containers with airtight lids. Get into the habit of reviewing your pantry every few months to keep pests at bay.

If you spot a Beatle or two double check your inventory to confirm if it’s an isolated case. To be extra-cautious, you can freeze products for four days to kill any insects or eggs if you spot any insects.

In Conclusion

Non perishable food is a necessity these days. Therefore, the “I have no room” is not an acceptable excuse. If that is your situation simply practice replenishing your stockpile as you use your food items. Remember to try when possible to purchase healthy foods that will nourish your family in a time of crisis.

If you’re interested in more lifestyle, home styling tips, and tricks, drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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