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Ideas For Art | Easy DIY Projects

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Reviewing some ideas for art is probably one of the easiest ways to get some inspiration to create stunning wall decor. Albeit to common belief, you do not need to spend a lot of money to transform your bare walls. In fact, by using a few easy DIY projects, you could create ravishing walls.

Do you know that the walls of your home can make you feel relief from everyday stress? No, they don’t speak, but they can contribute to the kind of mood the owner is feeling.

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Eyes of Art, Ideas for Art

Eyes of an artist

Indeed, art is all about perspective. Three factors can make an art enticing. These are the scale, framing, and media.

Scale pertains to the size of your object that must relate to other objects in the over-all artwork. Designers and artists are using the scale to portray or divert from the ideals. It is a way for the artists to convey the message, insights, and uniqueness of art to a viewer.

Likewise, framing is an essential part of the presentation. It adds value to the artwork. Framing can express a social statement. Moreover, framing allows a viewer to completely immerse in the artwork. It is useful when you want to direct the attention of the viewer to the piece.

Equally crucial in an artwork is the medium. A medium can come in or out of fashion. It is vital to choose a medium that gives your art fashion and value. The medium will make your artwork to be at the forefront of the crowd. The medium will provide the level of authenticity of your work.

Benefits Of Placing Art Walls At Home

It always amazes me that people tend to focus more on furniture and other home accents before considering wall décor. When in reality dressing up their dull and empty walls can have a more significant overall impact. In other words, a home with naked walls can be depressing.

Your wall deserves basic ideas for art to transform boring into a fully functional centerpiece. Creating a beautiful wall can be easy and less expensive.

Here are the benefits that can encourage you to start thinking of placing an astonishing art for your wall:

Gives Your Home A Center Of Attraction

A home or any space must have a centerpiece of attraction. The design must bring the elements that can capture the eyes of viewers. When someone enters the place and bring their attention to the focal point of the house, you can leave the utmost positive impression to the viewer.

Instruments on wall above fireplace

Photo credit @ Stayloom

Induce Positive Feeling

The feeling you can leave to the viewer will depend on the wall art you choose. Wall art can bring calmness, relaxing atmosphere, fun, excitement, or warmth. Usually, the design of wall art must suit the personality of the owner.

Gives Inspiration

The color, shades and theme can strike a message to a viewer. The art will connect to the life and personality of the owner. The colors and tones itself will be able to convey reflection and enlightenment to the viewer.

Approaches To Create Alluring and Captivating Ideas For Art

Let us now refresh those empty walls.

Be ready to turn those bare and start walls into a stylish centerpiece of your home—no need to be an expert. No matter what your style is, we got you some tricks that do not need to spend a lot from your pocket with some easy DIY projects.

Use Large Scale Art

If you have an oversized painting that you thought useless as it eat-up some space, it is high time to take that and regain its value.

The use of oversized paintings or images can command attention. Putting a huge painting can set the tone of a small space. You may try a black-and-white photo for your wall and make the space minimalist. When you want to make the feeling vibrant, you may try a colorful abstract piece.

Gallery Wall Concept

Frame black and white photos as an easy diy project for art

A gallery wall can emphasize the owner’s personality. You may opt to displace a collection of ideas for art, memorable photos, or wall hangings. Aim to use consistent but straightforward and interrelated frames of different variations.

Also, make sure that the gallery must extend to the ceiling. The strategy will able you to create an illusion that space is more extensive.

Framing Is Vital

We mentioned the term “framing” in the first two approaches in the list. The frame of the artwork is essential. However, you do not necessarily need to buy an expensive frame. You can visit a local store or online stores like HomeGoods and Craft Stores to find low-cost but luxury-looking frames.

You could use empty frames, as shown below, to create something truly unique.

Using frames at art ideas for walls.

One of the best practices is the use of one element to unify the pieces of art in your gallery wall. Consider looking at the finish, theme, and color of the frame to determine the balance and coherence.

Indeed, you can buy a framed matted print for a lower price. Simply you can remove and replace the printed photo with your own photo or artwork.

Otherwise, you can find a supplier of frames in your locality. You can quote and negotiate for a lower price. There are local stores that sell attractive and attention-grabbing frames. You can bring your artwork or images, and they set-up the framing for you.

Combination Technique With An Accent Wall

Consider decorating the wall itself. Use bright and bold colors to create an accent. You may also use a patterned wallpaper, stencil, or decorative paint that you can buy in the market.

The wall accent approach can transform the ceiling. When you are using decorative accents, you can create an illusion that a small space will look more prominent.

Mural walls for large living room walls

What Are Some Good Art Ideas? For Your Living Room Walls

Use Of Decorative Fabric

Use a tapestry or wall hanging to add color and create a pattern. Depending on the design, it can show a sense of softness in the whole room.

You may look for a vintage style of frames with classic carvings. Otherwise, you can search for cheaper pretty-designed textiles in the local market. One of the advantages of using decorative fabric is you can quickly move it compared to a framed painting if you wish to transfer to a new home.

Custom Posters

Custom posters can provide an instant update to any wall. To see our full collection visit our SHOP HERE.

Hang Mirrors

The light that mirrors can reflect will make a small space feel and look bigger. Also, the lighting will make the whole area become brighter. It will be a recommendation to use an oversized mirror. Otherwise, you can buy small pieces of mirrors and place them with a consistent theme and design.

Decorate a large wall with mirrors

Mural Painting

One stunning look which is also commonly found in popular hotels is placing landscape-designed wall mural. The huge-sized landscape mural painting can give relaxation to the eyes of a viewer.

The scenic landscape will allow you to transport to another place. Hence, another consideration when you want to use landscape wall mural ideas for art is the motif of other objects. Make sure that the painting will establish interconnectedness.

Install Hanging Shelves

The most common reason for home cluttering is the standing shelves full of books and different stuff. Bookshelves are eating ug massive space in your home.

Hence, the building of hanging shelves will not only declutter your home but will create beauty in your wall.

Install well-designed floating shelves, then displace hardcovers, small figurines, books, and other decorative stuff. Lest it is vital to consider the wall motif and other objects around.

Hanging shelves o display your art ideas

Combine Your Ideas For Art With Your Love of Green Living

Plants are not only for sitting down on the floor or windowsill. Open your mind of creativity and hang the plants with the use of wall-mounted planters. The green plants can add the feel of nature and life to your walls.

Plants can produce good quality of air inside your home. The plants can gather good moisture to create a better atmosphere condition inside your home. Further, plants can create positive vibes at home.

For more ways to style your wall with plants review the following post, How To Style Plants | Plant Styling

Vertical wall garden used as art and easy diy project for your walls.

Curation Of A Plate Wall

It sounds crazy, but the plate wall is fantastic. The eclectic-eclectic designed plates can potentially accent with the motif and other objects in your wall. 

You can install the plates randomly. The dishes can become a centerpiece of attraction in your home.

Whenever you travel to different places, consider buying plates. If not, you can buy in Amazon or eBay store. Otherwise, you can consider buying in surplus stores at a meager price.

In the photo below, decorative straw plates and baskets were used. You can even use hats!

Decorate plates on a wall

Super Easy DIY Project - Grid Iconic Photographs

If you love to take iconic photos, you can place them in a grid arrangement on your wall. The wall will become a centerpiece showcasing the emotion, passion, and feelings of the owner.

Grid photos together

Removeble Wall Art

There are various affordable and incredible collections of adhesive murals in the market.

Some can look luxurious with their matte finish but less expensive. It comes in multiple styles. If you are renting a place and you avoid to damage the walls, removable wall art is perfect for you. 

Are you looking for a super inexpensive idea for art? 

Use can use fabric or a large piece of wallpaper over a large foam board. To adhere together, simply use spray glue.  

Cheeap ideas for art anyone can do.

Hang An Oversized Calendar

Imagine hanging yourself a large-sized calendar. It can be fun, creative, and ingenious. It can brighten your room and keep track of important events.

A large-sized calendar idea for art is best to place in a kitchen or an office space. Also, it will be better to use bold fonts with sans serif fonts to create a modern style.

Giant Whiteboard Or Giant Chalkboard

We suggest that you choose not the ordinary whiteboard that you usually see in classrooms or office conference rooms. There are affordable smart-colored and in different shapes of whiteboards in the market.

The good thing about whiteboard is it can fit any and different styles and designs. You can arrange the whiteboard in various patterns, orientations, and color combinations.

It is best to hang some notes or poems. If you want to be a little rustic in style, a chalkboard is best for you. It best fit if you got a rustic style of wall or space orientation.

In Conclusion

Well, there you have it! 15 Ideas for art to get your creative juices flowing. Many of these easy DIY projects can be completed in as little as one afternoon.

As you have learned, Art is more about creativity than anything else. Feel free to let us know which was your favorite. For more home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company. In the meantime, enjoy our FREE Home Styling Email Series below.

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