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Easy Woodworking Projects For Beginners | DIY Home Projects

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We all love DIY home projects; however, more often than not, you may find them to be more of a hassle than they’re worth. Some “easy woodworking projects” are either too complicated or not cost-effective. In the end, you may find purchasing the piece of furniture is the best and easiest solution.

But is it the best solution or are you going about it all wrong?

Whenever we are considering building our own piece of furniture, I go through a little process that allows me to find designs that can be easily replicated.

Truth be told, I am not a very patient person at all, which is why if the piece is too expensive, it usually provides me enough motivation to figure out how to build it myself.

Let’s be real here; I persuade my husband to do most of the project for me.

If it’s a piece that is too complicated to build our selves, I usually keep on searching. This is mostly due to not wanting to hear, “That design will take me too long to build; find something else.” Marriage is all about compromise!

If it’s something I have my heart set on and nothing else will do, that’s when the saving up for the real deal for months comes into play.

The one essential design style we look for when choosing furniture is a timeless one, which is one with clean, simple lines and minimal detailed work.

Not only does the simplistic design make it favorable to recreate, but it’s also one that we never grow tired of.

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Where To Get Your Inspiration From

Here is a list of retailers that are always on my radar and have won me over as both a fan and customer in no particular order.

Retailers That Inspire Some Of Our DIY Projects
Restoration Hardware
Pottery Barn
West Elm
World Market
Bassett Furniture

If you are wondering if your first DIY home project will be a show stopper, here’s the answer – if you choose the correct project for your skillsets and take your time to build it – yes, it will. In other words, choose wisely.

What Is A Good First Woodworking Project?

A few weeks ago, we were trying to hunt down a small bench for our front porch. My husband’s schedule was crazy, and he had no time to build anything (so he thought), but the few benches I found were terrible.

What do I mean by terrible?

The quality of the materials were CHEAP, and although the manufactures listed the benches for outside use experience has taught me it wouldn’t last a season.

Lastly, I have come to appreciate that we are both cheap and frugal.

Remember, cheap is expensive because it won’t last, and it will look awful in your decor. After showing my husband what I found, he willingly said he’ll build it since he was unwilling to toss money away on garbage.

Hence if you are frugal, you will spend your dollars on better building material, which is why he purchased cedarwood to make our bench that would be exposed to the outdoor elements. 

My inspiration came from a few photos I found on Pinterest, tables reviewed at Restoration Hardware, and altered by our limited time schedules. 

Our design is simple and can be replicated for any size bench, coffee table, entry table, desk, and of course, a dining room table. 

Your Restoration Hardware furniture dreams just got a whole lot more attainable.

The possibilities are endless!

It took us about 30 mins to cut all the pieces and maybe one hour to assembly it. 

The cost was about $80 dollars for the materials due to the fact we chose to purchase cedarwood.

DIY home project table inspiration

Here is a video of our completed project. As you can note, it’s pretty straight forward, and a few cuts are all it takes. 

DIY farmhouse bench

Cedarwood ages beautifully, so, for now, I will allow mother nature to age my piece. Once the Topical Florida sun does its job, I may use wood oil to help preserve it.

Best Woods To Use For Your Outdoor Woodworking Projects

Best Woods For Outdoor Use
ACACIA - durable hardwood that can withstand outdoor elements. This wood is often used in boat building. If left unsealed, the constant contact with the damp ground may cause the wood to discolor.
CEDAR - doesn't shrink, warp or swell to the extent of comparable lumber even when used in areas of high humidity or temperature. Cedar is a soft wood which can dent and scratch which adds its character.
CYPRESS - contains a natural chemical called cypressene that gives it exceptional resistance to decay and insect damage.
Douglas-Fir - has straight grains and is non-porous.
Redwood - is exceptionally stable, with little shrinkage or seasonal movement.
TEAK - has a protective oil that lubricates the wood, which helps resists water.

However, if you wanted a more straightforward project which only contains minimal woodcuts, below are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

What Are Some Good Woodworking Projects?

Concrete + Wood Home Projects For Beginners

Concrete table top diy home project

The next few ideas are actually totally manageable. In fact, there are only a few parts that make up the furniture pieces themselves

Not only will you save tons of money by building it yourself and by purchasing the tabletops, but you will also keep your sanity in the process.

Again, similar to the above project, you will be able to customize the piece by adjusting the height of the legs, and you could add to your collection by building more than one.

Your local Garden Center will most likely carry large concrete patio stones that you can repurpose for your tabletops.  The stones are sold in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. See the example below.

Concrete Tops for Easy DIY home projects

Image source via Home Depot

DIY Home Shelf Project For Beginners

The shelf below appears a lot harder to recreate than it actually is, which is why I wanted to include this project into the mix. The video below is worth viewing if this project would be of interest to you.

Once you see the pieces broken down, you will be aware of how easy this project actually is. Spoiler alert – the outside circles are hula hoops! Yep, and you could spray the design any color you wish for just a few dollars to match your existing décor.

Where To Get Plans For DIY Wood Home Projects For Beginners

Okay, so I realize that most people are not able to figure out custom measurements for themselves. Following a guide that has been created by a professional will allow your project to go smoother and be completed faster.

Plus, you will be more likely to tackle large projects since you are given a step-by-step plan of what to do. Your material list, including wood recommendations, are provided for you as well.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite YouTubers to give you an example of the resources available to you.

Is Building DIY Projects Even Worth It?

Here is my two cents on the subject, okay maybe three cents since I have a strong opinion on this.

Unless you are a professional furniture builder, your spare time should be spent on something you enjoy, which is called a hobby. Of course, there is a cost of tools; however, some people consider them toys, because they will be using them to have fun.

The most significant investment here will be your time, and it’s really up to you how much time you will like to spend enjoying your hobby. Some people spend tons of money on golf, fishing, or something else, and they never mind spending the money on a quality golf club or fishing rod. Why? Because they enjoy it.

Second, there is a cost of purchasing furniture that is not always calculated. The gas and time spent on the number of stores trying to find exactly what you are looking for, and if you are a picky person like myself, there is some severe car mileage happening. Yes, your time is valuable.

When you build it, you can get what you want, the size, the shape, and color, etc. That’s something you can not buy in a department store.

Lastly, you will most likely be able even as a beginner to use quality materials, which will produce a better end product.

Some Easy DIY Woodworking Projects From My Favorite YouTubers

Surprise surprise springtime means we’re all getting our yards ready for summer nights in the yard, so how could I pass up including this modern outdoor chair?

If you haven’t done so already, you may want to check out my post on How To Have A Staycation At Home?

Dining tables are especially stunning when the design is simplistic.  

What Can I Make From Scrap Wood?

Glad you asked. Some of the projects above would benefit from quality wood. By the way, it’s best to visit a lumber yard since your local retailer (ex. Home Depot or Lowes) usually carry lower quality wood materials. If that is not an option, please take your time in choosing the wood pieces you plan to use for your woodworking project as most parts will be chipped or warped.

When you are in the beginning stages of learning necessary building skills, you may not want to dish out the money for cedar, redwood, or teak wood. An excellent resource would be to gather some quality wooden crate pallets.

Here is some inspiration on a project or two you could tackle. To learn more, Decorating On A Dime | Home Styling.

Here is another great post listing some easy woodworking projects you may want to try 😊

Shoestring a on a budget furniture

In Conclusion

If you start off with a few DIY easy woodworking projects that are in line with your beginner’s skillsets, you’ll be hooked before you know it. Some people will tell you to do it because of the cost savings, which is a valid reason.

However, I will cheer you on for another reason, which I believe holds a lot more merit. Building a piece of furniture with your hands and having it showcased in your home gives you a sense of pride and an inner joy every time you see it.

This is precisely the kind of thing which makes a house a home and allows you to make it yours. For more home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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