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Ways To Save Money On Your Energy Bills This Fall

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Fall is upon us, a beautiful time of the year where the leaves turn golden and the winds turn chilly.

The festive season lurks around the corner, and people will spend more time at home than at other times of the year. This is especially true this year, where restrictions on movement in many US states have ensured we remain at home with our families throughout the year.

With more time at home and a colder climate outside, your energy consumption is set to rise. Whether it is heating your home, powering your appliances, or carrying out domestic chores, more time in the house means more energy being used. Energy costs money, which means this could be an expensive time for families.

There are ways you can reduce that impact on your bills while still placing excessive demands on your utilities, though. We have some practical steps and advice you can follow to help make things a little easier this Fall.

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Lower The Heat

One effective method to save money is to turn your thermostat down, even when the heating is needed. It might sound counter-productive to turn the heating down when you need it the most, but it makes sense if you do it right. 

HomeServe explains that your thermostat should be set to the lowest comfortable temperature you can manage, and each degree you reduce the heat by will save you money. 

If you reduce the heat a little more overnight, the savings are even more impressive – the US Department of Energy believes you can save up to 15% on your bills. If you often forget to monitor your thermostat, maybe consider installing a smart device, which learns your family’s habits and makes the saving for you over time.

Take Shorter Showers

It is easy to linger a little longer in the shower than you should, especially on those cold mornings when work beckons, but the less time you spend in there, the less you will spend on heating the water.

Do not be tempted to take a long shower if you do not need to, as you will only be paying more for your energy. Do shower rather than bath, though; again, your warm water usage is far less and consequently, so are your bills.

Run Appliances At Night

When exploring our article, How to Drastically Cut Household Expenses, running appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine at night can reduce your utility bills. 

Energy costs are higher during the hours when power grids are most in-demand, so by running yours overnight; you should be getting cheaper energy. Some providers offer attractive tariffs for overnight usage, and energy-heavy appliances should benefit. 

At the very least, consider doing laundry after 7 pm, and having the dishwasher on overnight, so your plates and pans are clean in the morning when you get up.

Speak To Your Energy Company

Finally, make sure you have spoken to your energy company about your current bills. Some companies have deals that may give you lower prices at certain times, but you are not aware of those at present.

Also, if you threaten to change suppliers, you may get offered a discount without flicking a switch in your home at all.

In Conclusion

Utility providers will often conduct an energy survey at your home, sometimes for free, which offers practical steps to help you become more efficient and, thus, save money.

To our surprise, our energy audit revealed our electrical meter, which is own by the municipality, was faulty. The estimates were reading that we were overpaying an average of $86 dollars more a month than the power usage. The inspector submitted a ticket to have our equipment replaced, and after the audit is completed, I will try to request a credit for the overpayment.

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