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Morning Routine Ideas That Will Change Your Life!

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How you feel once you open your eyes, and the way you go about your morning says a lot about how your day will turn out to be. This is why finding some morning routine ideas to improve your day is so important.

Whether you roll out of bed happy, sad, or gloomy, these emotions will create a pattern with every passing morning. Which, in turn, will contribute to how your life will be in general, now and in the nearest future.

Here’s a news flash, if you are one to hit the snooze button consistently, you are taking a lazy and reluctant way to life. Sorry, but you are telling your body, it’s better to sleep than going about your daily activities. 

Not to worry, I got some tricks to get you going!! It took me some time to find the right morning routine that changed my life.

Your mornings play a significant impact on your life in so many ways you might not have realized – yet! 

For one, it can either serve as a boost to help you achieve your dreams or make you reluctant and relaxed at achieving what you really want in life.

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Having The Mindset For Your New Morning Shift

May 28, 2019, marked one year of sticking to my new morning routine. For most people, that’s an accomplishment – for me, it’s just short of a miracle.


I am someone who needs to see results quicker than should be expected. In other words, I’m IMPATIENT, and if I was trying to change my routine or life habits that would take time. Therefore, I began to lower my expectations to see if maybe that would help.


Instead, I decided to focus on the long-term benefits that small daily habits would have on my spirituality, positive mindset, and health. What can I say…I’m a slow learner.

This realistic approach helped me stick to my goals and relieved me of undue pressure. After all, I had control of my routine, and I could control what wasn’t working for me.

For example, if I didn’t follow my morning routine a few mornings during the first few weeks, I would try to be MORE consistent. Second, I didn’t assess my progress or the improvement of my “headspace” until a few months had passed.

After Reviewing Morning Routine Ideas - Preparation Is Key

  1. The night before, I place my alarm clock across the room. This forces me out of bed to turn off the alarm clock rather than hitting snooze and possibly rolling back over for another 15 minutes.
  2. After freshening up a bit, I change into my workout clothes, which I’ve left on my dresser the night before.  I grab my Tumbler and drink my lemon water while racing down to the kitchen to greet my husband already drinking his coffee.
morning routine

Here’s a little confession…I’m a little spoiled. My husband has prepared my coffee all of our marriage. It’s kind of a science project for him, and apparently, science was not my favorite subject because I make lousy coffee.  


In my defense timers and the temperature of the water to brew the perfect cup of joe is stressful when you first wake up.

Don’t believe me?

The ideal temperature for French Press coffee is the neighborhood of 200 degrees; it needs to be brewed for 4 mins and stirred at 1 minute. If you over grind the beans, the coffee will be too strong, and if they are too coarse, the coffee will be too light. Lastly, the ratio of coffee beans and water are important.

If you’re married to a coffee snob who drinks his coffee black, he will be able to tell if ANY of the instructions mentioned were not followed.

Like I said, “stressful.” I also don’t recall one of my life project ideas ever being becoming a barista. So we compromise. I pretend not to possess the skills needed to learn, and he pretends to believe me.

morning routine

Time To Reflect

Here are some examples of what I have written down:

      • A new paint color or brand I’m excited to try out
      • The house is clean
      • A new recipe
morning jog

As we return home, Jojo races to his bed, and by the time I’m out of the shower, he’s snoring. Like Jojo, I have seen the positive ripples of my morning routine transform my whole day and outlook of life in general.

Overall I am happier, have more energy, and am even a little lighter (-:

In case you are wondering, my closest friends have described me as having a silly and upbeat personality, which I tend to classify myself as. However, I am a caretaker to several (yes, more than one) family members, and at times their failing health and the responsibility I carry can feel overwhelming at times.

The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to invest time to care of myself.

Morning Routine Ideas To Try

Goal How To Be Successful
Waking up early
Gradually wake up 15 minutes earlier every week, until you reach the desired wake-up time.
Place your alarm clock on the other side of the room.
Positive mindset
Write down the first happy thought that comes to mind.
Practice mindfulness and meditation.
Drink water
Place a glass of water next to your bedside.
Layout your gym clothes or sleep in your workout gear.
Get organized
Set goals for the day and write down your to-do list.

How Your Bedroom Can Affect Your Mood

Over the years, when working with families to improve their home décor, there was one common thread that I often saw, which was their master bedrooms were neglected.

By neglected, I mean, it was disorganized and undecorated – I know, I know, the horror!

You may be thinking what in the world does this have to do with a morning routine. Everything! For one thing, a messy bedroom will automatically raise your stress level and have a direct impact on your sleep.

Second, your bedroom is the room you spend most of your time in, even if most of that time is spent sleeping. The colors and décor should be of the utmost importance since sleep or lack thereof can affect your health.

There is a laundry list of ideas to help you get a well-rested night’s sleep which can be reviewed here, How To Sleep Better At Night Naturally.

Lastly, if you find that you are waking up in the morning with back pain or over achiness, your bed mattress may be the culprit. This was our case, and we didn’t make the connection until I started paying attention to my morning routine.

In the end, we settled on upgrading our mattress with one of the Bed-In-Box Mattresses, which even came with a 120-day free trial. Our review of several mattress brands can be viewed here.

A Few Helpful Tips To Create A Relaxing Bedroom
Remove clutter and tidy up often.
Keep bold colors and busy fabric patterns out of your bedroom.
Your bed linens should be soft and welcoming.
Block out all light by purchasing the correct window treatments.
Purchase a calming candle such as lavender.
Burn the candle nightly about an hour or so before going to bed to infuse with the room with a relaxing scent.

In Conclusion

What was the result of my little experiment?

Well, about three months in, I found that implementing some of these morning routine ideas helped set the tone for each day.  And it changed my overall mindset in a way I never thought possible.

For example, instead of feeling frustrated when getting “stuck” at red lights, I began enjoying staring at the landscape or sky. You see, clouds have been one of my happy thoughts in my Journal. I’ve become obsessed with the sunrise and the beautiful colors I witness every morning during my morning walks.

I guess you can say my morning routine has helped me “slow things down” and appreciate my surroundings more.

In time you will benefit from prioritizing your time and goals as your productivity increases. You will have better control of your schedule and happiness. As you start your mornings, you will feel energized and ready to focus on what the day brings.

For home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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