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How To Create a Scandinavian Interior decor?

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Scandinavian interior décor is easy to identify as it’s all about simplicity and functionality.  

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Scandivian Interior

Neutral Color Scheme

It’s impressive how the Scandinavian interior designs are so striking yet very uncomplicated. The color scheme includes both whites and blacks for contrast. Whites are used on the walls to allow furniture and art to take center stage. Traditionally, hardwood flooring is left in its natural color or stained in a light color. Wall to wall carpeting in Scandinavia is rarely –  if ever used.

Black elements are usually introduced using raw materials such as metals throughout decorative accents. Earthy hues are added in for warmth and some personality.  Lastly, for those who need a little color blush pinks and muted colors when added correctly can add that little extra touch.

Adding Bolder Colors

While neutral palettes remain at its core, some Scandi lovers are introducing deeper earthy hues such as terracotta. If a burst of color is used in Scandi interiors, it’s usually in the form of art.  For example, a series of graphic prints or an artistic piece of furniture.


Since Scandinavia is near the Arctic circle, the winters are known for being long and dark. This explains why lighting plays an essential part in their designs. Creating a bright and airy interior is a top priority. 

Lighting fixtures provide the perfect opportunity to add that classic black contrast which is needed. Industrial style fixtures make an ideal choice due to their simple, clean lines which play right into the Scandi style. 

Minimal Furniture

The Scandinavian interior designs a functional home environment and embraces a clutter-free home. It also promotes an improved quality of life. When making purchases, quality should be considered as most of their designers feel things should be made to last rather than replaced.

Sheepskin, mohair or knitted wools are great ways to introduce some texture into your Scandi style.

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Is there a difference between Scandinavian and Minimalist designs?

Both styles promote a clutter-free home. The main differences between the two are the materials used. 

The Scandinavian interior design has a focus on organic materials such as wood, leather, and woven baskets. Minimalist designs often embrace materials such as stainless steel, chrome, and lacquered plastics. The color palette and textures used in Minimalist designs are colder, in my opinion.

Adding in Nature

The northernmost parts of Scandivana have a very short growing season.  The season is about two months long, which explains why plants play a significant role in their interior designs. Adding greenery indoors helps bring nature inside and life into living spaces. 

The winters in Northern New Jersey definitely allow me to relate to that. Although the winters were cold, what I disliked the most was the gray skies. Having dead vegetation for months can be pretty depressing. As a result, having indoor plants while living in a cold climate was pretty important to me.

For the past three years, I’ve come to appreciate living in a warm tropical climate. The sunny skies allow me to garden year-round and enjoy my outdoor living space. If having natural greenery isn’t something you’re willing to maintain indoors, you may find my post on Artificial Plants helpful.

In Conclusion

The Scandinavian interior decor is easy to fall in love with and has stood the test of time.  Further, it’s aesthetically pleasing due to its clean and tchotchkes freeways. Its style favors airy and bright spaces, which promotes a healthy mindset. What’s your favorite décor style?

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