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Mood Board Examples To Grow Your Creativity

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Many of us home renovation junkies can watch reruns all day of our favorite design shows. We can appreciate that very few people can walk into a space and envision how they would like the end project to look like. Here are some Mood Board Examples to grow your creativity.

When watching seasoned professionals, there is a reason their final reveals are nothing short of amazing. You may have even caught yourself cheering to move that bus while watching Extreme Makeover, Home Addition.

Yes, they do possess skill and talent. Still, these professionals create mood boards, review materials, and collaborate with others. Usually, during the creative process, materials are chosen with several criteria in mind, such as quality, cost, and availability. Multiple products and vendors are selected to allow for those hiccups since their experience tells them to plan for issues that will arise.

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Prepare Your Home Project For Success

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail or design an ugly room. Even this dog in the photo seems upset by the poor design choices. Yes, it’s a small space, which is why it’s more important to utilize the space to its full potential.

What could have been done differently?

Corner windows provide the perfect opportunities to create cozy reading nooks.  For one, the chair is too large and not facing the direction of the light. A smaller comfortable chair would allow for the area to include an end table for beverages.

Let’s not forget a throw blanket for those chilly nights when you leave the window open for a breeze. Draping the throw across the chair, instead of rolled up as shown would add more texture and interest.

You may have heard of a mood board, either from a friend or the internet. But, let’s take a moment to learn what it is?

mood board

What is a Mood Board?

A decor mood board is a kind of collage that is made up of color palettes, images, furniture pieces, and sample objects. You can also call it an inspiration board because you can collect ideas and inspiration from anywhere for a given project.

Mood boards are a way for people to communicate and discuss their ideas in a visual way by involving imagery, animation, original texts, and object samples. It helps you communicate your thoughts and ideas. This can express an opinion much faster than words, and it also defines the style of a project.

It virtually reduces complications and keeps everyone on the same page.

How powerful is a Mood Board?

The Design Firm’s Original Mockup

A few years ago, I was asked to work alongside an upscale kitchen design firm based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on a project which had a few challenges.

We needed to create a dark blue modern open kitchen. Use lime green in the surrounding area and work within the plumbing and electrical limitations. Every member of the family had a different design style.

One saving grace was during the demolition phase we found the original plans of the house. I’m grateful that my husband fought with me over the years and forced me to learn how to read electrical and construction blueprints.

Kitchen layout

When reviewing the blueprints, I realized we could use the electrical above for lighting and move the appliances to an opposing wall. The photos allowed the kitchen designer and homeowner to visualize what I was trying to communicate. It convinced them to open up the space above the island.

The requested lime green color choice was added in fabrics and a few decor items to make everyone happy.

My Ideas Presented By Mood Board Examples

mood board
mood board 1
Mood board 2
mood board 3

Are Mood Boards Necessary in Designing?

Yes, mood boards are necessary because they give you detail more than words. Sometimes while designing a room, you fall in love with a particular piece of furniture or artwork only to realize it doesn’t work with the overall style.

A mood board prevents you from making costly and time-consuming mistakes. Your design concept becomes more transparent, and in the process, your style is developed.

Where Can I Make A Mood Board?

Mood boards can be quite complicated to create, so here is my suggestion on how to make the process easy and fun.

If you are a Pinterest user, you can create a board and label it the name of the project. Your goal would be to gather “Pins” and place them on the board.

Here are a few Mood Board Examples on Pinterest:

Mood board examples on Pinterest
Mood board examples on Pinterest

In Conclusion

If you’re still in need of some guidance, you may find it helpful to read my post on How To Create a Cohesive Home?  For those of you who just rather have the assistance of a professional, you could reach out to us HERE.  

I hope you found this post helpful! As always if there is a particular decor struggle you need help with, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

For more home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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