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Guest Room Ideas On a Budget

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Implementing a few guest room ideas can significantly impact your friends and family stay. To create the right experience for your guest, you must begin by thinking like one.

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Flashback to Your Last Vacation

Guest room checklist

A week or two before vacation, most people are excited and have big plans to be as organized as possible. You have high hopes to get laundry and bills done early to ensure that you’ll leave with ease. As life has it, the prior weeks are complete chaos.

Fast forward to the night before your trip, and you’re scrambling to get everything done and end up not getting a good nights rest. As you button up some last minutes things, your mother is calling you to guilt you for leaving the area for a few days.  And then you hear your husband asking if you grabbed his shaving kit.

It’s about this time that you begin to have that uneasy feeling that you may have forgotten to pack something important – yes, probably his shaving kit!

As you race to the airport because your ride was late, you make a promise to create a written list of things to pack for your next trip. Whether you travel by flight or take a road trip by the end of the day you’re looking forward to freshening up a bit.  You also are looking forward to enjoying something other than fast food.

Guest Room Accomodations

Although you’re happy to be visiting your friends and looking forward to seeing them you rather – let’s be honest here – you rather have the luxury of not invading their space.

As you walk into your friends’ home, you’re greeted with a quick hello and lead to a tray of some appetizers and a glass of wine

Then comes…”Hey, we realize you could have chosen to spend your vacation time anywhere so thanks for spending it with us. Free feel to drop off your items in the guest room, take a shower or just unwind for a bit before we catch up.” 

To your surprise, the guest room is not only clean but guest ready.  You begin to unwind as you noticed a basket full of travel size toiletries that include…you guess it disposable shavers.  As you slip into some cozy luxury sheets, you realize it’s going to be a great vacation.

cozy blanket

Happy Guest Equals A Happy Host

Here’s how I look at things. The happiness of our guests will significantly impact my family. I know what you’re thinking if we make someone too comfortable they’ll keep coming back.

Here’s my trick on that, “Thanks for reaching out to us – we’ve been overwhelmed with company lately and need to play catch up on life.” Can we take a raincheck? Send a card if the conversation doesn’t go as plan. Our friends are our extended family, and in time they will understand.

Give Them A Little Closet Space

No one likes to live out of a suitcase – so provide a little closet space where guest could unpack their belongings.  It will allow your guest to feel more organized and locate whatever they are looking for easily, leaving them to feel right at home.

flowers and candle bedroom

Quick And Affordable Guest Room Ideas

Decor Style

When it comes to decorating a guest room, follow this simple décor principle; less is more.

Your goal is to provide your guest with comfortable yet temporary accommodations.

The room can be completed using minimal furniture pieces.

Anything that would make the room look overcrowded isn’t welcome.

Just to be clear, you do not need a complete bedroom set, nor should you prefer it. A simple nightstand with a few accessories may be all that is necessary.

Guest Room Ideas For A Relaxing Stay

When you receive friends and wish for them to have a more relaxing stay, it is essential not to forget the following in the guest room.

Things To Include In Your Guest Room
A Cozy, Well-dressed Bed
Comfortable Pillows
Extra Blankets
Fresh Towels
Tooth Brushes
Disposable Shavers
Soap & Hair Products
Makeup Towels or Wipes
Full Length Mirror
Ceiling Fan
Water and Snacks

You can have a fridge in the room to make taking cold drinks a lot easier. Making sure the entire room and house is clean and tidy goes without saying. The use of some flowers or greenery never gets old and is always welcome.

In Conclusion

Having comfortable guests tend to make you feel good about yourself and your home. You have nothing to worry about when someone comes over as you are always ready to give them the ultimate guestroom retreat of their livesAre you ready to host your next guest? 

For more home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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