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Decorating Trends That Are Out of Style

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It’s time for a change, and to be truthful, we are glad to say goodbye to some of these decorating trends that are out of style – some more than others.

How do you define a trend? According to Merriam-webster, a trend can be defined as “the general movement over time of a statistically detectable change.” Sorry, that’s a bit formal.

In simpler terms, trends are everywhere. You see it in clothes, shoes, even in popular dances. You see it on social media platforms. Trends can also follow you inside your homes. From the color you pick for the walls to those small ornaments you bought because they were “in” at that moment, your decisions are influenced by these trends.

Of course, there are timeless pieces that you can always rely on, but there will always come a time when you come upon that trendy style or trendy piece and you’d say to yourself, “Well, it looks cute, and everybody’s doing it, so it wouldn’t hurt to try.”

Let’s face it: decorating homes is not a piece of cake. After all, it’s where you live. So don’t beat yourself too much by giving in to these changing trends. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make a place where you can stay and rest, be comfortable, and where beauty resides.

But trends are unpredictable, sometimes it only takes a few months before a new one pops up to the scene, or it can also take a whole year before people hop into the next hype. And it can get hazy learning all of the new trends in just one sitting, so why not make it easier and just take notes of what not to follow?

Here are some of the decorating trends that are out in 2020. Say goodbye to them and don’t look back.

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Having Everything In Neutral Colors

Back in 2015, neutral colors were at their peak. 

But it’s 2020 now, and your home deserves a splash of color. Wait, scratch that. It’s the new year, don’t fear intense colors. Don’t restrict yourself by just playing it safe and keeping it down. The paleness of neutral tones make your home look and feel old and trust us; you don’t want that. You need your place to look alive so you can feel the same way.

It’s time to be bold and accept the idea of surrounding yourself with dominant colors. Experiment with it. Replace that old couch of yours. Have someone paint your walls a new color. Put an end on the lack of texture and visual interest in your homes.

If I’m being honest here, I will say that I have painted rooms bold colors in the past and what happens is that I get tired of it very quickly. Therefore, my suggestion is and always will be to use a POP of color on your home accents instead.

If you want to experiment with painting a room a bold color choose to do it in a small room such as a half bathroom as I did.

In my current property, I choose to keep my walls light tone. To break up the neutral color scheme, I painted all my interior doors with a rich dark navy blue.

The Overuse Of Plaid

Decorating trends that are out of style

The checkered and tartan designs are about to end this year. The style can still be used, only if you want to go back to the 70s. Besides, you still have your clothes if you love this trend so much. 

If you still want to use plaid in your décor, use it sparingly and favor a minimalistic design. An easy way to do this is to use seasonal colors.

Decorating Trends That Are Out In The Kitchen

Edison Bulbs, 2016 was the year of these little bulbs. You’d see these hanging from the ceilings of almost all restaurants and homes. But it’s time to ditch them to the side.

Edison bulbs are all about that industrial aesthetic, and unless you want your home to look like an old-office space, then you’re better off without these harsh lighting bulbs. Don’t live in the past, as in 100+ years back when Thomas Edison came up with these bulbs.

Get lighting that will brighten your house gracefully. Choose something that not only gives your space an artistic touch but also serves its purpose right. Design meets functionality, how cool is that? If you want advice on lighting check out our post, How Important is Dining Room Lighting?

Tuscan Kitchens

Unless you want to imitate the look and feel of an Italian restaurant, Tuscan-inspired kitchens are taking a step back this year. Instead of stones and dark colors, a bright and airy place where you can cook your meals is the preferred choice today.

Too Much Granite

Ah, you know what other people say. Too much of something is bad. And this perfectly goes well with having too much granite on your kitchen counter tops. Sometimes, a minimalist approach and adding accents are better choices.

In general, granite has a hectic pattern that can quickly date a kitchen.

Open Shelves

There’s a new trend going around lately. No, not open shelves. It’s sustainability. And too many open shelves don’t go along well with that. It’s a new year, and it’s a great time to be more practical and think about ways on how your kitchen can function well.

Instead of many open shelves, just keep the numbers low. One or two, maybe?

Enough to store easy items. Although this sustainability idea is still considered as a trend, we think that it should stay for the long run. It’s a great way to help more people to think twice before they decide on anything. It also encourages us to not only focus on the aesthetic side of things but also look into its functionality in our house.


Another material that designers want to fade in 2020. Choose other materials such as marble or granite (but not too much), and everything will work better.

Mason Jars

We have seen this trend take over our lives for the past few years – from cocktails to being candle holders, they were used for everything. Perhaps it’s time to let them rest. Instead, opt for handmade goods as decorations in your home.

The Faux Look

When your home is filled with decorations with faux finishes, somehow it doesn’t look good. It feels insincere and it seems that the idea of “quantity over quality” is favored. Change that by reducing your purchases of faux items and choose to get the real ones.

All-white Kitchens or All-white Everything

If you’re one of the people who fell into the hype and based your kitchen space or even your whole place in the color of white, that’s alright. You don’t have to spend too much time cleaning and maintaining your all-white interior anymore. It’s official; this “all-white” trend is out of style.

For your kitchens, colors and patterns are what it’s all about. You name it: cabinetry, countertops, and floors—just everything. The same thing goes to the other parts of your home. Gone are the days when color only exists on little objects found in your place—incorporate textures and different materials to your style. Skip the essential elements and go straight to the exciting parts.

If you’re just starting to experiment with color, choose one furniture piece and go bold.

Decorating With A Strong Nautical Trend Is Out

You’re familiar with this: seashells, anchors, seashells, sailor’s rope, seashells again…you get the idea. The point is that this beachy vibe is one of the decorating trends that are out of style.

Yes, let the waves take this style and get lost in the sea.

There’s nothing wrong with this aesthetic, it’s just that people tend to go too far with this one. If you still want to have this kind of motif in your home, be subtle as much as possible. Choose a color that’s close to this style. Pick out simple decors such as coral or driftwood. Take only small doses, and you’ll be fine. Just leave the seashells outside.

Nautical themes makes the list for decorating trends that are out of style.

Fake Plants

But why? They are just fake plants. They are only decor elements and another plus side; you won’t have to take care of them. Right?

Well, taking care of plants is not as difficult as you would think. Come on; you already like the idea of having plants inside your home, why not just swap them with a living one? They freshen and improve your air quality and the overall feeling of staying indoors. Don’t you want that instead of surrounding yourself with fake plants that serve no other use at all?

Learning more about plant styling will help give your space new life. 

Decorating trends

Accent Walls

It’s time to peel-off those wallpaper you put before. Accent walls are staying behind 2020 for sure. When it comes to decorating your walls, painting them with a single color seems to be the better choice. It’s time to pay attention to other decor elements that will bring more impact to the overall style of your home.

Shiplap Walls

This style is commonly used for the exterior part of a house. But maybe it’s time to minimize your use of it and focus on putting classic styles to your home.

Modern Aesthetic

Modern times indeed require modern changes. However, overdoing the modern aesthetic in your home decors to the point of not having any layers to the style is not what you want to see. Hints of textures and colors are important to make your home special and have their own identity.

Dark Walls

This trend is not seeing any light in 2020 (see what we did there). As we stated earlier, strong shades are what make the world go round right now. Time to pop those colors in your home and feel vibrant.

Hollywood Mirror Lights

As we stated earlier, harsh lighting needs to go this year. Pick out softer bulbs that will not only look good in your skin but also won’t get you blinded by looking at them.

Hollywood mirrors are a trend that is out.

Single-Use Spaces

Buying or renovating houses is not easy and cheap. This is why having multi-use spaces in your home is slowly being considered a necessity nowadays.

Imagine: your basement can also turn out to be a home theater. With single-use spaces being put to the side this year, the possibilities of practicality and functionality in your home are endless. 

Decorating Trends That Are Out Incase You Never Got The Memo

Wicker Furniture

Rattan sets and pieces are meant to be outside on your porch or patio. Putting wicker furniture indoors is one fast way to make the look of your home go out of style.

Vertical blinds are a trend that is out.

Vertical Blinds

We know what you’re thinking, these things are difficult to open and close. Well, you’ll be thrilled to know that you won’t be seeing them that much this year. Pick lightweight and eye-catching curtains instead to add a hint of beauty and surprise in your home.

Tufted Headboards

If you’re looking to make a statement, then keep looking. These stuffy headboards are not coming back to 2020. There are other ways of integrating a statement in your room. 

Perhaps a bookcase headboard will work for you? Imagine, it’s not just a headboard for your bed but also a place where you can store your books. Another win for practicality – just kidding!

Same Patterns

It’s time to let your playful side out because having the same pattern style in your home is dated this year. Go ahead and mix and match different patterns to achieve some fun vibe.

Fast Furniture

This is the same thing with fast fashion clothes. Cheap items that give people the illusion of being able to “save money” due to the low prices of items. At that moment of their purchase, indeed, they didn’t have to pay a lot.

However, in the long run, this cheap furniture will not last. And so the process of buying inexpensive home decors will commence again. See, this practice may benefit people but only for a short time. This year, it’s time to throw this way of thinking out to the window. Be wise on your purchasing decisions and go with secondhand pieces or building your own instead. 

You may be thinking that these options require a lot of effort and time. But hey, it’s your house we’re talking about.

Why not invest in the right things? These pieces will mean a lot more to you when you give a piece of yourself in them. And another one, you’re helping mother earth when you do this as well.

Seriously, everybody wins.

Here’s an excellent article on how you can start your DIY home projects.

Chevron Pattern

This zig-zag pattern is commonly used in beddings, rugs, walls, and a lot more. But you don’t have to see this in your home anymore as they are slowly fading out the scene. It’s better to take this design in small doses and incorporate it in small accents.

Neon Lighting

Hey, we all tried this trend.

Cool pictures were put out with this kind of lighting, gyms, dorms, and other facilities integrated this to their styles as well. But it’s time to leave this in the past and opt for lighting that functions and goes well with your home.

Bean Bag Chairs

Comfy. That’s the word you associate with this type of chair. But there are other ways to get comfortable in your home. Invest in a cozy sofa and that even works better with living rooms. Besides, we think that bean bags should stay in student dorms. Sorry. 

Floral Obsession

Don’t get us wrong, we think that it’s a beautiful design. But when you put it in every piece that you see, maybe that’s a bit too much? You can find beauty in other designs too. Don’t get too fixated into this trend because they are out this 2020. 

Conversation Pit

We all love a place where we can gather around and talk as a family. But this trend is counterproductive to the movement of multi-use spaces in our homes. Unless you can use it for multiple purposes, we don’t see that wasting space is worth it.

Boho Hanging Chairs

If placed in the right room that will perfectly fit the aesthetic that the style suggests, then these chairs will be used. But if you just want to have a comfortable and simple living room, this trend will stay outside of the house.

Decorating Trends That Are Out Or Will Be

quick round-up of the trends mentioned:
Having Everything In Neutral Colors
The Overuse Of Plaid, Chevron Patterns or Same Patterns
Tuscan Kitchens With Busy Granite Patterns
Open Shelves That Are Not Practical
Using Mason Jars For Anything and Everything Just Because
Filling Your Home With Faux Finishes
All-White Kitchen or All-White Everything
Strong Nautical Decor
Accents Walls and Dark Walls
Fake Plants and Over Done Floral Patterns
Forcing Shiplap Walls Where They Don't Quite Fit
Modern Aesthetic With No Hints Of Textures
Hollywood Mirror Lights Unless Your A Makeup Artist
Neon Lighting & Bean Bags From The College Years
Single-Use Spaces, Conversation Pits
Wicker Furniture Indoors
Tufted Headboards In The Bedroom

In Conclusion

Phew. We hear from you! These are a lot to take in but we’re sure that you’ll get the hang of it. You can do it!

They say that trends come and go. It’s true but that shouldn’t stop you from giving in to the hype from time to time. Use your judgment and decide what speaks to your personality and own style. This list just made it easier for you to decide what works best for your aesthetic. 

Whether you’re buying a new house or you just thought of renovating a minute ago, these decorating trends that are out in 2020 can serve as a reference when you already go shopping next time. So take the shopping list on your one hand, our outdated trends list on the other, and let the transformation of your home begin. 

For more home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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