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Decorating On A Dime | Home Styling

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Decorating on a dime; are you kidding me? Not at all.

You see, one of the biggest secrets to creating a beautiful home decor isn’t spending tons of money. It’s the ability to imagine the possibilities with items that you already possess or are within your current budget. In other words, your creativity. 

Creativity is defined as the use of a person’s imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work. This definition plays right into a quote that inspires me when decorating on a tight budget, which is:

Think like a designer BUT break the rules like an artist.

A designer takes into account measurements such as room layouts, proportions, and proper scale. An artist will push those boundaries to their limits. This is especially true when decorating on a dime, which is why your creativity can be the secret weapon to a fabulous home decor.

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How To Save Money When Decorating On A Tight Budget

Okay, so this may not surprise you, but I feel we should review it before we dive into some ideas. The best way to save money is by doing it yourself. You don’t say? 

DIY girls for decorating on a dime

One of my pet peeves, I have many, is when homeowners showcase DIY creations that scream – I made it myself. The key is only to take on home projects that are in line with your skillsets. Following this advice will allow you to deliver professional results and, in the process, evaluate your decor all together.

If you feel you are not creative, please read on my friend since this post will provide direction as well as some projects to inspire you. We will cover projects that will involve basics skills and some that are more advanced. 

You can learn some skills and techniques by researching and watching videos, and if you are more of a hands-on learner, there are free resources you should take advantage of. For example, Home Depot retail stores provide free educational classes on many home improvement projects. 

Attending a class on how to tile a floor would be an excellent investment of time before trying to tackle installing a floor for the first time. You will be provided with advice which will produce a better finish product. Remember, preparation is critical for a successful outcome. 

Budget friendly decor ideas

Decorating On A Dime With Home Decor Add-Ins

It’s essential to make you aware that most designers will remove some furniture and trinkets before introducing new items.  The reason for this is in the world of decorating – less is more. 

First, having less furniture allows for pieces to be positioned for the best flow of the room. Second, when layering in textiles, fabrics, and art pieces, these items will be able to stand out as focal points rather than get lost. 

If you already have some essential furniture pieces and are looking for ways to sprinkle in a few accents, here are a few solutions that won’t break the bank.


Plants for a shoestring budget

There are many reasons to include plants in our homes besides their health benefits. Bringing nature indoors adds interest and beautifies our spaces in ways nothing else can

If you feel you were not born with a green thumb, you’ll enjoy reading my post on Best Artificial Plants To Use in Decor.

Along with Plants being reasonably inexpensive as decor accessories, they can be purchased in a range of colors and sizes. Therefore, if you notice you have an empty corner and your room doesn’t feel complete, a floor plant could be the missing ingredient.

A decor hack I use when adding in plants is to purchase a large wicker basket to store the plant. This way, my initial purchase will be minimal since the plant will be able to live within an inexpensive plastic pot

For faux plants, I use rubber mulch as the topsoil to give them a more realistic appearance.

Guest room ideas decorating on a dime with plants

Art Prints

Decorating walls is something I hold dear to my heart since that was my main focus for nearly two years. Also, when moving into new spaces, we have felt there was nothing more depressing than staring at blank empty walls. Our home would feel lifeless.

Since purchasing completed pieces of art can be a costly endeavor, you can minimize your cost substantially by purchasing art prints instead. 

Not only will you benefit from the financial gain, you will also be able to create a more sophisticated design.

Art prints can be purchased in varying sizes and framed according to any décor style. You will have the added luxury of adding mats, which will make a simple art poster appear like a beautiful work of art.  

PRO TIP: To add more interest and complexity to a wall gallery, we enjoy adding a few pieces of art. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when working with art:
If you plan on purchasing small art prints, place them in a frame that has a large mat. Hanging tiny art on a big wall is a no-no.
Most homeowners hang artwork too high. The center point of a single frame or grouping of art should be at eye level.
The correct spacing in-between frames is 3-6 inches.
Never hang all large pieces in one area and small ones in another. The same goes for similar frames styles. Your goal is to have a visually balanced designed.

Decorating On A Dime With DIY Furniture

Okay, so I will admit I have a great advantage to most people since my husband is a licensed electrician and a finish carpenter.  

True story, one quiet rainy day as I was reading in my office on the second floor of our fixer-upper, I heard construction noise. I ran downstairs to witness my husband removing the exterior dining room wall.

He looked to me and said, “I probably wouldn’t have started if I knew it was going to rain.” Really? You see, a glass sliding door would have been a better choice than the two windows the home currently had, so why wait?

As you could imagine, over the years, we have tackled some pretty hefty projects; however, most of the DIY furniture projects have all been me. In our household, these are considered “small annoying projects,” also known as my wife’s hobbies, UGH!

I wanted to provide some realistic ideas that anyone would be able to complete on their own without scary manly tools. Come on; no one wants to ruin a pretty manicure – at least not in the first couple of days!

Wood Pallets

What’s better than decorating on a dime – how about free?

Since wood pallets have become favored as building materials, legislation has become aggressive to prosecuting pallet takers. They have also made business owners responsible for record-keeping their pallets.

Therefore, when sourcing your pallets, be sure to ask for permission. Some business have to pay for their removal and may welcome your willingness to remove the pallets from their properties.

Now, not all pallets are created equal. If you’re interested in building furniture, you may want to source pallets from furniture retails stores or supermarkets as they will have stronger wood pallets. You would prefer to use thinner or inferior wood for covering a structure or wall.

ideas to elevate the appearance of wood projects
Power wash pallets and allow them to dry out for several days before working with them.
For a primitive or farmhouse decor you can apply a clear coat of satin polyurethane.
Apply a dark wood stain to provide a more finish appearance. Then complete with a a clear coat of polyurethane.
To enhance a tabletop, stain, or paint the top a different color, add a piece of glass or use natural stone. Garden centers sell large square or round concrete stones used in landscaping projects which can be a great option.

This is a beautiful, yet an artistic way to create shelves in for an office, laundry, or kitchen.

Here is another way to add interest to your office space for free. 

Shoestring a on a budget furniture
Shoestring a on a budget furniture

Home Styling By Using Wood Crates

Wooden crates naturally lend themselves to building tables and desks with little effort. They work well when decorating for children since they’re needs are continually changing. Further, the crates help to keep kids organized.

Shoestring a on a budget furniture

The above projects require little investment of both time and money. However, if you’re willing to spend an afternoon spray painting a few wood crates, plus a few other things, I wanted to show you where your imagination could lead you.

This outdoor DIY bar cart was created by a fellow blogger and YouTuber. I will add it’s nothing short of amazing!!!   

Tips For Decorating On A Dime

Get creative with what you have on hand. Use old books or magazines to create a collage on a wall, or repurpose old jars and vases as storage containers.

Shop at secondhand stores and garage sales for unique pieces that you can repaint or refinish to fit your style.

Choose simple, solid colors for your walls and furniture instead of patterned wallpaper or busy upholstery fabric. This will keep your space looking cohesive and polished without breaking the bank.

Stick to light, natural materials like wood, cotton, and linen to create an airy feel in your home.

In Conslusion

I hope that this post was able to convey that decorating on a dime is not only possible, but it can also help you create a warm and inviting home. Regardless of your budget, your home should be your sanctuary.

For more home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company. In the meantime, enjoy our FREE Home Styling Email Series below.

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