Blogging for Beginners – The Only Guide You Will Need

Blogging for Beginners – The Only Guide You Will Need

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Blogging for Beginners, I want to shed some light on how I arrived at becoming a blogger in hopes my story connects with some of my readers. Several years ago, I was hired by a photo-based décor company for a two-year project. 

The woman who hired me was a lead marketing executive, and I considered her my mentor. During intense board meetings, Linda could jump in to get her message across in a persuasive manner and was not afraid of being an outside thinker.

She was able to anticipate people problems and would present solutions as part of her marketing strategies. Many of us came to appreciate her ability to understand the way people think.

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Planting a Seed

A year into the project, Linda randomly asked me why I had not considered becoming a blogger. I was taken back and responded I had been asked that same question several times before. She continued, “Okay, so what’s your answer?” “For one, I’m not a good writer, and second, it’s not profitable.”

Linda gave me the stare a mother would give a child if they had said 1+1 = 5. Linda’s background is what prompted her to ask me the question. Her reply is what left an impression.

Her reply, “You are so wrong!”  


About 18 months later, I accepted a permanent position with another company. The drawback was that I was not directly dealing with décor or able to be creative. Some of my friends laughed and promised me within 6 months I would figure out how to crawl out of my cubicle.

Most people yearn for the stability that comes with the typical 9-5 job – I am the complete opposite. I get bored quickly and need to be consistently challenged. 

I really tried to adapt, but after 3 months, I came to realize I do not like people to have control of my day to day decisions or income. To keep me sane in my cubicle, I began listening to my favorite décor and marketing YouTubers.  One day while listening to a YouTube channel, I heard a couple’s journey of how they created two successful blogs.

What Made Them Different?

Alex and Lauren had failed at their first attempt of blogging and exposed why. Their honesty and transparency were refreshing. They spoke about the struggles of a real business trying to find the correct path and learning from their failures along the way.

They explained their lack of success while using different software, marketing strategies, and painted a real picture.  In other words, they are the real deal. They are so transparent that they publicly post their earnings, have been featured in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur and Yahoo Finance.

They began their journey in 2016 and within 1 year gross over 6 figures. Consequently, to prove their methods could be repeated, they started another blog in a completely different niche. They now are dedicated to teaching people how to blog using their proven methods.

What to Expect?

It’s a step by step guide unlike any other course out there. To make it relatable, they have a hand holding style of teaching. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect

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Regardless of what others may say choosing to become a blogger is not for someone unwilling to work! You need to be dedicated to your craft and the audience you would like to attract. My commitment was 100%, for that reason, I purchased their Pro Blogger Bundle. 

The freedom that becoming a blogger has already provided me is precisely what I was searching for. On May 28th, I purchased the Pro Blogger Bundle and resigned from my job on July 31st. I am 100% grateful that Alex and Lauren have created Create and Go as my research has found no other course of its kind exists.

If you want to learn more about how I replaced my salary so quickly, I explain it in detail to those who are interested. In short, an opportunity came my way due to my early success. One which was not planned or expected.  Of course, you are welcomed to copy this method as it was not one discussed in the classes.

    A Word of Caution

    Most courses are filled with a lot of “fluff” and do not connect the dots. I realized that receiving the right training would allow me to be more successful. Not to mention, I would be able to reach my goals with less frustration – quickly. 

    Having been self-employed for the better portion of my secular career, I have learned the value of quality content. In the past, I had paid for courses in which I felt gave me very little value.  A few years ago, I had taken a course on marketing for Facebook. Within weeks the platform had made significant changes. However, the well-respected marketer did not update the course to keep the information current.

    Throughout the modules, you will hear Alex or Lauren say, “We no longer are recommending the following method due to blah, blah, blah. We are currently using XY or Z for the following reasons. Here are other alternatives if needed.”

    Beginning With The Right Foundation For Your Blog

    Many bloggers build beautiful websites and create fantastic content but are confused about why search engines ignore them. Early in the training modules, Alex and Lauren explain how you could avoid these hurdles that will affect your business. 

    The purpose of your blog should be to provide your audience with real value.  In other words, it should be a platform to share the knowledge that could benefit others. How could you help anyone with a pretty blog that is unable to attract an audience?

    When building your blog, view your hosting company as its foundation. This will be the service that keeps your website up and running. It’s important you choose one the fits your needs and budget.  Choosing an unreliable host company can spell disaster for your long-term success.   

    When building your blog, view your hosting company as its foundation. This will be the service that keeps your website up and running. It’s important you choose one the fits your needs, budget and will handle future traffic. Choosing an unreliable host company can spell disaster for your long-term success.  For me, Bluehost is the clear winner.

    How To Build A Blog

    build and launch your blog
    Click on image to learn more!

    Your website is your structure – one which should not be considered lightly. Did you know that most sites on the web are built on WordPress? There is a reason why – which is all explained in detail. But wait there’s more…which theme and plugins you choose also matter. 

    Alex and Lauren explained why some have trouble gaining exposure and steer you in the right direction for success from the beginning. 

    You may find it helpful to also read my post on Why I Love Pinterest for Blog Traffic

    Teaching Methods

    Like many women, myself included, Lauren, is a fast talker.  In early courses such as when Lauren is teaching on how to build your WordPress site, you may have to replay a couple of videos. The deeper into the classes, I noticed that Lauren slowed down her speech and was improving her teaching methods.

    Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about not capturing everything in a lesson. Along with videos, they also provided PDF lessons. Yep, every detail has been covered as they are very invested in their students.  

    In Conclusion

    If you are serious about becoming a blogger, you need to treat your blog as a business. Therefore, blogging for beginners should never be treated or viewed as a hobby.  Starting off with the right foundation provided me with a clear path to success.

    True to Linda’s advice, for those who are creative, passionate, and yearn for a flexible schedule running a successful blog is a good career choice.

    How to build a successful blog

    Set Up Your Blog For Success.

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