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Best Modern Farmhouse Decor On Amazon

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Having been born and raised in the NJ/NY area, we have embraced any opportunity to add reclaimed wood and industrial elements into our homes. Therefore, it should be of no surprise that Modern Farmhouse Decor is the décor style we identify with most.

The reason behind the flourishing popularity of this design style is due to its simplistic, clean lines and comfortable, informal vibes, which helps create a positive atmosphere and feeling.

Some are going away from the rustic “farmhouse” idea and settling for this current balance to keep their decor feeling fresh.

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What Is Modern Farmhouse Decorating Style?

A modern farmhouse has roots in rustic charm and is focused on warm minimalism and industrial elements. The contemporary farmhouse decor is emphasizing comfort and casual contemporary living while striking the balance of becoming pasture and sensible refinement while being eclectic and sophisticated.

Hence, the modern farmhouse idea is paying attention to making a fresh spin on rustic elements, making them unique and fresh. It makes the contemporary spirit to come out.

Is Modern Farmhouse Out Of Style?

Nope! Many homeowners in Los Angeles and Brooklyn for example, are going for a modern farmhouse style.

Here are some of the top reasons:

·       They feel comfortable and beautiful with a simple design. It evokes a warm and inviting spirit.

·       Marrying the balance of classic comfort and modern aptitude.

·       The essence of the design style is focusing on functionality. It takes the idea to be practical from the start until the end.

 ·       Creating a modern farmhouse idea is driving the homeowner to plan meaningfully. It means they assess carefully every space. They take every element and detail, such as flow through a room, lighting, scale of furniture, and placement of every aspect.

·       People love to select furnishings that take center stage and creates focal points for visual interest.

 ·       They are establishing the feel of being peaceful and free. The all-natural foundation and mixture of vintage but unique decor makes a modern farmhouse comfortable and relaxing. 

What Does Modern Farmhouse Decor Look Like?

How to make your home feel warm and cozy

Remember that the critical combination of modern farmhouse idea is minimalism and country chic elements that will transform a dull space into explorative and fun.

Therefore, you need to think of a vibrant mix of old and new soothing vibe decors. Try to find unique things that are attractive and artistic,  but not crafty. This decor style has more sophistication than it’s rustic older sister.

Let me mention some specific elements you must consider:

  • The foundation must be organic and natural. It must be mixed with industrial metals and balance with marble (i.e., counter tops). It will be best if the finish will be matte and apply some low-shine materials.
  • Put some limits. Edit, eliminate, and reconsider everything to make sure that it remains comfortable to feel and easy for the eyes. Ask yourself the purpose of everything you bring into your designs, as this style should remain unclutter and functional.
  • Stick to neutral colors for soothing contrast while you mix with decorative pieces. I recommend you use optic white to highlight statement-making sections. If your farmhouse furnishings are eating up some spaces, you can combat with optic white plus plenty of mirrors.
  • Mix high and low contrast. Let the house play with old and new interiors to evoke down, relaxed, and low-key luxury style. Today’s modern farmhouse styles are shying away with old-school elements. The mantra is keeping it fresh. Don’t be afraid to incorporate interesting objects and let creativity flourish out of these unique objects.
  • One thing that I love with modern farmhouse decor is bringing the outdoors inside your home. These are the wood, linen, hemp, and all-natural finishes that are best to bring inside your home. It will be useful to avoid plastics and strange objects because they can confuse the eyes.
  • Weathered faucets, over sized pendants, rustic sconces, and dramatic lights are what make the farmhouse family rooms unique and cozy. It will highlight the sophisticated beauty of your home.
  • Imperfection makes your home perfect. Approach your modern farmhouse design with irregular, inconsistent, and imperfect nature. What I love most with modern farmhouse is I can let the design work with my personality and charm.

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Top Selling Farmhouse Decor On Amazon

We are conveying to you some of the popular selling decors in amazon that are the perfect mixture for your modern farmhouse ideas. Our picks our budget-friendly so as not to break the bank!

To help you transition your style, it’s best to introduce some neutral and muted colors that have a relaxed feel to them.

The easiest way to do this is by updating your curtains and making sure they “puddle” on the floor to create some simple elegance.

These Modern Farmhouse Curtains are a top pick since they are priced at $45 a pairNot only are they a steal, but they come in five different lengths and nine colors.

Pro Tip: Avoid using any patterns on your curtains unless you have a trained eye or have a neutral scheme.

Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Okay, I’m totally goo goo ga ga over these pillow covers for a few reasons. First, the color palette is Modern Farmhouse Decor all the way! Next, these little beauties are covers, which makes them super affordable.

Lastly, they incorporate faux leather, which is another hallmark sign of this decorating style. 

A perfect item to decorate your bedroom, sofa, or chairs or patio furniture. It can perfectly contrast with any vintage designed decors in your home.

The natural foundation and rustic colors and distressed designs of items will ideally invite your guests with the retro pillows. It will give a comfortable seat while chatting and enjoying the cozy vibe of farmhouse family rooms.

Modern Console Table

This narrow console table will make a great addition to any entryway, living room, or even dining area. To style, this table consider placing a round mirror on top and layering in some details such as books, candles, or framed photos on top.

Large straw baskets underneath will help you stay organized and hid anything from toys, blankets, or shoes.

Enameled Metal Bread Box

Artistically fashioned in metal with the use of typographic motif, the vintage bread box looks fresh and charming. During breakfast, it will surely invite and let your visitors feel the cozy breakfast aura. 

Plus, this little gem gives you an opportunity to display a pop of color to modernize your space. The distressed design and weathered body add a pop of pattern to any arrangement you wish. Pepper the dining space with bright sunflowers or a bowl any shimmering metal orbs to contrast.

Stylish Vintage Salt and Pepper Holder

Surely it will bring homey and inviting feel to your kitchen. Indeed a perfect eye-catcher as it brings trendy retro vibes in your kitchen. The metal and minimalistic design is an excellent taste of a modern farmhouse kitchen.

This cute and stylish organizer has helped us keep our salt and pepper nearby.

Metal Dining Bistro Chairs Indoor-Outdoor Use Classic

What’s not to love about these bistro chairs? They are perfect for a kitchen, casual dining paired with a rustic table, or for outdoor use.

They are super durable and are scratch-resistant. If you’re tight on space, you’ll especially love the fact that these chairs are stackable! They are sold in a set of four for under $100 dollars, and you have a variety of colors to choose from.

A Few Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas

Rustic Framed Wall Mounted Steel Chalkboard

The chalkboard maybe not new. But this décor is a bit different because it is naturally not polished and milled.  The rough and uneven surface gives this authentic and vintage feel.

The wooden frame is a coated, perfectly rustic and vintage color. If you hang it around in your kitchen, it will surely be the centerpiece and add some warmth into your space. The eyes of your visitors will catch their attention to this centerpiece. The design is inviting and cozy for your rustic kitchen.

Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

Quotes have become popular in decor since they can convey precise truths, inspire emotions, and even provide some positivity when needed. Also, they don’t add too much complexity to your decor since most of the quotes are printed in simple black and white.

We think they make a grand statement, add interest, and do it flawlessly within a few words or less.

Wired Wall File Holder

This farmhouse wire design wall file holder is a great way to stay organized. It is designed with an iron wire wall-mount 3-tier pocketed organizer.

It is perfect for placing some magazines or books. Place it in your personalize reading space or living space, surely, and you feel a natural comfort.

Every Farmhouse Decor Needs Some Metal Accents

In Conclusion

The modern farmhouse decor style will be popular for years to come. The clean lines, fresh approach, and unpatterned designs make this style very versatile and affordable. 

Lastly, for home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company. In the meantime, you may enjoy reading, How To Make Farmhouse Decor Work?

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