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Best Artificial Plants To Use in Decor

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Why would someone even consider searching for the best artificial plants to use in their decor? First of all, let’s just get one thing straight…if you’re fortunate enough to have a sun-DRENCH room, I envy you!

Two of my favorite plants to anchor my rooms with are the Monstera Deliciosa Plant and Fiddle Fig Leaf Tree.  To ensure I would be able to make these beauties flourish indoors, I did my research before heading to the nursery. 

With one swipe of my card, I was on my way home with some beautiful friends that I knew would give my home the life it needed. Sadly, after a month of effort, I was losing my plants faster than I had swiped my card!

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As I continued to remove their dying leaves, I admitted defeat and moved them to my outdoor lanai. As long as my plants are under the sunny safe haven, I only need to water and trim them to keep them happy.

Good for them – bad for me.

I loved that they were healthy, but they were – not in my interior decor! 

plants in decor

My very opinionated friend Rachel has always been an advocate of using faux plants in her designs; I was never a fan.  

While in another discussion on whether I should make the jump to faux, she told me, “You will come to see that I’m right, and I’ll remind you of this conversation when you do.”  

She assured me I could simply just return the Faux plant if it didn’t work out for me “if” she was wrong. Okay, she was right…yet again!

Tips For Choosing the Best Artificial Plants

Artificial plants have come a long way, and a few of them have found their way into our home. However, there is a science to finding the perfect green friend. I found the following tips helpful when incorporating artificial plants into my decor.

How To Choose The Best Faux Plants
Choose plants with a variety of color for a realistic look. Multicolored plants also add color to a formal setting and give your room more character.
Choose containers, pots, and vases carefully to enhance its look. For a more natural look, you can use woven containers. Plain pots and vases can be used when the plants are colorful enough and require a simple background. You can also use white or black vases for formal settings such as offices or conference rooms.
Purchase a few foliage stems – they make great fillers for real flowers.
Place a few real plants in the mix – you may be the only one who knows. With real plants in the mix, the natural scent will give more life to the combination of flowers.

Best Artificial Plants To Use In Your Home Decor | Our Top Picks

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa also called the hurricane plant, is an attractive plant with huge glossy leaves. The green plant originates from the rain forests in Mexico.

The plant is excellent for making statements and can work in every room of your home. Natural Monstera plants require watering at least once a week, but with a faux plant, you can enjoy the brilliance of the plant without the need to ever water it.

Fiddle Fig Tree

Fiddle Fig Trees are one of the most popular artificial plants for interior décor. On most television shows and décor blogs, you will see at least one fig tree placed attractively in a room.

Fiddle Figs command attention and give a room the drama you might require from furniture and artworks. As attractive as a fig tree can make a home look, the majority of people prefer artificial trees because natural ones can be hard to maintain, trust me on this.

Artificial fig trees give your home the sophisticated beauty needed without a burden of maintenance. 

A simple swipe-through is all the maintenance you need for the tree. Putting your fig tree in a round pot – black or brown – will give the plant all the attention it requires.

Artificial fig trees give your home the sophisticated beauty needed without a burden of maintenance. 

A simple swipe-through is all the maintenance you need for the tree. Putting your fig tree in a round pot – black or brown – will give the plant all the attention it requires.

We will update the list below by sourcing options “if” we find ones we feel comfortable recommending.

Palm Trees

Palm Trees are famous tropical plants and needed to be included in my list because I live in Florida! A while back, my friends in Long Island decided to design their home with a  tropical boho vibe since their vacation spot of choice was Hawaii. When I questioned why they choose to go that route they quickly responded…it makes us relaxed and reminds us of vacation.  They are plagued with NYC traffic while commuting, and their home is their escape.

Yvonne was correct, palms trees do indeed provide a breezy island feel wherever they are located. They made her home feel tropical and sunny, even the noise from the car wash business located right next door to her house seemed like noise from a waterfall.

Ficus Bush

Ficus bushes are another set of impressive plants for home décor.

Initially, these plants grow in the tropics hence can give a home that tropical vibe. Most Ficus bush plants have trunks made with real wood, giving it a very realistic appearance.

You can place a Ficus bush on a table or directly on the floor. The plant is suitable for any part of a home. It can be in the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, and even the kitchen. Since the plant does not need watering, occasional dusting can keep the plant looking clean and fresh.

Aloe Plant

Artificial aloe plants make excellent plants for home décor. The plant, when properly placed in a white vase, provides a sophisticated and modern look to any room. The plant is great for offices as well as living rooms

If you’d prefer to have several potted plants in a part of your home, the aloe plant can make a great addition. You can be sure that if you decorate your home with this artificial aloe plant, some visitors will be bugging you on where they can also purchase theirs!


Ferns, both natural and artificial, make amazing home plants. If you want your home graced with plants but do not want to water them frequently, artificial ferns are the best way to go. To emphasize its effect, you can put the fern in a hanging pot or place it on your television stand. This can give your home an outdoor effect.

With artificial ferns, I’ve learned from experience that their colors can fade, especially when exposed to sunlight. So put your fern in a shaded area to keep it looking vibrant and green for an extended time. Also, ensure you purchase a real looking fern for topmost effect.

In Conclusion

Since it’s cheaper, in the long run, don’t be afraid to spend more for a quality faux plantInexpensive Faux plants lack the variety of color, texture, and realistic appearance you are aiming for. Let me know what your thoughts are on plants in decor – Have you tried any artificial plants indoors? 

For more home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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