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9 Ideas For Curb Appeal Under $500

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Are you hunting down some ideas for curb appeal that are not expensive or complicated – I’ve got you!

Since first impressions are made within the first seven seconds, it’s worth the minimal investment of both money and time to make that impression a GOOD ONE.  

Honestly, there are TONS of small and budget-friendly home improvements you can do to give your house a mini face lift. For now, we’ll focus on just a few of them, all of which could be completed for $500 or less. A LOT LESS!

But don’t worry, it will appear as “if” you spent a whole lot more and most of the projects could be completed in one day.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about. Significant returns with minimal investments – Count me in. Whomp, whomp!

When reviewing the suggestions below, decide which DIY projects will have the best impact for your individual home and start there.

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Paint Your Front Door

The other day as I was walking my dog in my community Jojo and I became witnesses to a crime. I hurried home and told my husband that one of our neighbors was using a can of spray paint to paint their front door.

Yes, it’s true…but it gets worse….

I would describe the current color a vintage 1990’s dirty white and they were spraying the door WHITE to match!!! Why?? 

Our neighbors failed their home once again.

When choosing your front door color aim for contrast. If you don’t trust your own judgment take a drive and study homes that have caught your attention within seconds.  

Most exterior paint will set you back approximately $30 per gallon. 

If you have not guessed it by now, I am a SUCKER for a red door. All our properties have had their front doors painted a shade of red. My second color choice would be a rich navy blue. Personally, I think a front door should be the lipstick of your house face!

In which case, go bold or go home….unless you have a beautiful wood grain door. Wood is in a class of its own.

Red Front Door

Pro Tip: Prepping the surfaces before painting will ensure a smooth and professional finish. To help remove old paint, a heat gun will be your best friend. To my girls reading this post, a hairdryer won’t work – been there, done that, and it didn’t work. Heat guns would fry our hair off.

Ideas For Your Curb Appeal

Color ideas for curb appeal

Upgrade Your House Numbers

House numbers are often overlooked when improving your home’s front façade. Some homeowners will even paint their house and reuse the same numbers – Don’t also get me started on this!

The numbers help people find your house; however, it’s also an easy and inexpensive opportunity to add some personality for a few bucks.

Depending on how many number digits you have in your address, you could even choose to spell out the number.  For example, instead of purchasing the number  “1,” you could spell it out, “One.”

Window Shutters

I know what you’re thinking…

How could window shutters be on our ideas for curb appeal when there is no way to purchase them for under $500 for the entire house?

You could build them.

Wood shutters can be built even with beginner level carpenter skills. We had a few friends that jumped on the house flipping game and would make their own shutters.  They kept their shutters simple with a board and batten shutter style.

If they needed to scale back their project due to the allotted funds for the property, they would only shutter up the front of the property.

Lastly, if your house has vinyl siding, you can purchase exterior vinyl shutters that have a starting price of $28 a pair at home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes.

Outdoor Planters

Outdoor planters and urns are perfect for sprucing up your entryway.  Turn your front steps into an inviting focal point by layering several well-chosen plants. Arrange them on multiple levels and vary the container sizes. 

Remember that odd grouping usually look best in decor. While living in the North East, I would rotate my flowers per season and use small pine bushes or ornamental cabbage during the winter season.

Window Boxes

Even a few simple window boxes can make passers-by stop dead in their tracks.  

After strolling the streets of Charleston, South Carolina, I have a new appreciation for window boxes. Charleston is well known for its historical charm and having its streets filled with the sweet smell of flowers in the air.  

We can learn much from the gardeners that ride their bicycles to tend to their client’s flowers on cobbled streets. 

A Well-Manicured Lawn

No matter how stunning your house is if you have a weed-infested and unkempt lawn, your house will still be an eyesore. Having a healthy lawn is not rock science and will drastically increase your home value. Your neighbors will be thankful too.

Don’t forget to tidy up those edges. Using a string trimmer will allow you to create neat edges to give off that polish look.

Your landscape will stand out by adding a vibrant color mulch around trees and garden beds. Trimming up your scrubs and removing any dead branches will show off your good scenery.

Add Decorative Garage Door Hardware

Florida is one of those blessed states that have embraced “snout” houses.

These homes have garages that are more prominent than the front door. Since the garage door is one of the main features adding decorative hardware is a simple and cost-effective way to dress it up. Less hardware used appropriately usually looks better than an abundance. The size and position of where the hardware is placed is key to making it look like it belongs on the door. Often just a latch or pair of pulls adds that little something extra.

Give Your House a Bath

Nothing screams – I require some TLC as a dirty home exterior. To ensure your home looks it’s best, you could hire a professional to power wash your home, drive, and sidewalk. Blasting away the algae and grime will allow your home to be clean and beautiful. 

Ideas for curb appeal power wash your house

Add Wood For Warmth

Adding some wood elements will add some warmth to your front entrance and if color isn’t your thing. If your porch contains columns, you can add some character by wrapping your existing your columns in wood.

Keep in mind wood will require some maintenance in time. You can prevent moisture damage and extend its lifespan by using a quality wood sealer.  For a maintenance-free option, PVC can be used to wrap columns since it is rot-free and waterproof. 

If you’re willing to build a piece of furniture take a look at our two hour farmhouse bench project here, DIY Home Projects For Beginners | Wood Project Ideas.

Ideas for curb appeal add wood for warmth
Adding wooden chairs can be an easy and quick solution.

In Conclusion

We are all guilty of spending most of our time and money to improve our interior living spaces. Curb appeal should be viewed as a representation of what’s inside. The next time you take a stroll around your neighborhood try to see your house as a future buyer.  

Doing so will allow you to view your home with a critical eye notice things like sidewalk cracks, overgrown hedges, or the need of a fresh coat of paint on your front door.  Once you narrow down, your issues, use one or more of the above suggestions to improve your curb appeal. If you found this post helpful, you may want to add it to your favorite Pinterest board or share it with a friend.

Hey –  we would love to get to know you so drop us a comment. What ideas do you plan to tackle to improve your curb appeal?  

For more home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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