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3 Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Home

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To make a significant impact on your home décor, you don’t have to break the bank or save for weeks. Here are 3 inexpensive ways to update your home, along with resources, to inspire you.

Simply by using the right lighting, hanging up some interesting art pieces, and sprinkling some outdoor elements indoors, you can spice up your home décor!

Now let’s look at these inexpensive ways to make a significant impact on your décor more specifically.

Not everyone understands the importance of lighting in the overall mood of decor…

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Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Home - Lighting 

Several weeks ago, our friends invited us over for dinner. As we were greeted at the front door, my husband, before even saying hello, blurted out, “I wasn’t sure if we were here for dinner or a colonoscopy!” 

Our friend had responded, “What?!” My husband continued, “Your lighting is awful! You’re using unflattering commercial lighting for your residential property.  In self-defense, our friend replied, “Only an electrician notices that.”   Actually, you’re wrong bro, your neighbors got the memo!”

The conversation continued inside at the dinner table, and by the end of the night, they had ordered all the correct bulbs to create a warm and inviting living space.  Not long after that, they excitedly jumped on board as my husband started making plans to add string lights to evaluate their backyard since they had mentioned it was their favorite feature of their home.  

To make an impact on your home’s décor, light up the place unapologetically! If you have dull lighting that makes your rooms and home exterior look dim at night, work on them. Improving your home’s lighting involves purchasing new bulbs, which will only cost a few dollars.

You can light up the exterior parts of your home, like your driveway, your pool, and your fence – if you have one. Lighting makes your home more welcoming and makes it easier for you to carry out activities at night.

Lastly, outside lighting also provides extra security, especially when motion sensors are installed. For more backyard ideas check out my post on, Inexpensive Staycation Ideas At Home.

Dinning area for your Staycation at home

Bring Nature Indoors

Next up is nature! You will be surprised at how little details like flowers can spice your home up. F

lowers add a personal touch to your home and makes it look more attractive. Our favorite blooms while living in NJ were forsythia, cherry blossoms, and hydrangeas.  Of course, autumn was and still is my favorite season, and I’ve come to appreciate it more since relocating to Florida.

My friends back home always said I had an unhealthy addiction to autumn leaves. I would often argue that if it wasn’t for me texting them photos of colorful autumn leaves during my morning runs, they would let the season go by without enjoying it.

Decorating ideas for fall using leaves.

Bringing those beauties inside by adding a few branches from your outside landscape to add color, texture, and life to your space is a guaranteed win. A simple glass is often all that is needed, and if I don’t want to see the clutter of the branches below, I grab a solid vase instead.

Autumn color decorating ideas

For your home, you simply need to decide, “do I want a bouquet of flowers here and there or do I want the décor of my home to revolve around flowers?” You simply need to choose one of these options and work around it. You can also choose between natural flowers and artificial flowers. I’ll advise that you begin with a mixture of both.

Doing this will help you figure out which you are most comfortable with. If you are perfectly able to care for natural and fresh flowers, don’t feel bad grabbing them during your next grocery run. If your natural flowers do not survive the first days of your care, just grab a few branches during your next walk.

Modern farmhouse decor in the living room.

Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Home Is Artwork

Lastly, and probably the easiest way to update your decor is artwork

Artwork adds color, character, and a little bit of dramatic flair to your home. Now you don’t have to worry about purchasing expensive art to make a massive impact on your home décor. There are so many amazing artworks that you can buy for a few bucks.  If you don’t want to spend on art, there are other ways you can create art for your home!

One of my favorite decor, hacks, comes from one of my husband’s clients who lived in a brownstone in Hoboken, NJ.  We had been hired to add lighting to their new space. As he was working, my husband noticed her walls hosted some seriously beautiful artwork.

After a week of him complimenting the pictures adorning her walls, Amanda, his client, gifted me with a book containing large print photographs of Cuba. When my husband looked at her confused, she explained that she had purchased the book solely to display some of its pages, how clever!

I listed several ways to create your own Ideas For Art | Easy DIY Projects which will inspire you to think outside of the box.

Our Custom Shop Has Some Artprints For Under $5

In Conclusion

With fantastic lighting, artwork, and some flowers, your home can look brand new! Changing your flowers and artwork occasionally in your home can also give your home a fresh feel every now and then.

You can also rearrange your furniture and rooms to emphasize your lighting, artworks, and position of the flowers. I’ve learned that your creativity plays a huge role in how successful these changes to update your home turns out. Get up and get creative!

Your home décor should never be underwhelming! This is because your home décor can make you feel more comfortable and excited in your own space.

For more home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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